DH and I have debated putting a fountain in the backyard. But each time we almost cave to the longing us desert-dwellers have for the presence of water in our landscape, we balk at the problem of maintenance. We have a high mineral content that comes from our garden hoses, which means calcium deposits collect quickly and pose a real maintenance problem.

One effect we’ve already felt is the clogging of many of our drip-emitters. This has been a real frustration this season when it becomes clear my plants aren’t getting the water they need. Until we get it sorted, I’ve resorted to hand-watering several of the plants.

FountainsSo, no, we don’t have a fountain in our backyard, but oh, do I long for one. Especially when I went hunting for photos of fountains and found several that I thought were clever and unique and would work very well in my backyard. For the present, it’s still a ‘no’, but who knows? Once I get the garden in better shape and figure out what kind of border to use for my flower beds, maybe I’ll do some research on how-to-maintain fountains that might encourage me to take the plunge, pun intended.

The nature of fountains didn’t lend itself to a list of Funfacts, but I did discover some unique facts about a few cities and their fountains.

• The Romans pioneered water fountains. The use of water fountains dates back to 2000 BC, but these were archaic designs at best. Fountains improved dramatically when the Roman Empire came along and made use of unique pressurized systems sustained by gravity. (source)

• Kansas City has over 200 amazing fountains and is known as ‘the city of fountains’. Fountain Day in April is the moment all the fountains are turned on for the season. (source)

• The Dubai Fountain is one of tallest fountains in the world. It uses pressurized jets and shoots water 500 feet into the air. (source)

• The Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Nevada are famous. Set in a man-made lake in front of the hotel, the fountains are choreographed and set to music and light. (source)

• The Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the most famous fountains in the world. It’s over 86 feet high and 160-plus-feet wide. Baroque in design, it was built between 1732 and 1762. It was featured in the movie, Three Coins in a Fountain. (source

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Fountains Fountains Fountains Fountains Fountains Fountains


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21 thoughts on “Fountains

  1. Oh no! That’s too bad about your mineral deposit problem! Fountains are wonderful! There are some really cool ones out there, and I loved throwing coins into the really big fountains as a kid. There’s this big silver/gray ball covered in water with little geysers all around it that spout water at one of Seattle’s tourist spots that I loved playing in when I was younger!

  2. I think fountains are wonderful and relaxing. The only one I have visited is at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I love it when they do the show you have water dancing to music.

    • Nancy, have you ever heard of Waterfire? I grew up in RI and when the moved the river(truth) they installed “Italian gondolas” and mounted Waterfire. Worth googling

  3. Fountains are very beautiful and wonderful to watch. I love sitting next to one and meditating. Do I have one in my yard? No. For kind of the same reason as you – however, add a touch of pure laziness on my part to the mix too. Not only does one have to worry about water deposits, but algae likes to grow in water fountains too, especially the slower moving ones. *sigh* So I just enjoy other people’s work when it comes to fountains. BTW – love the movie Three Coins in a Fountain. That is such an awesome fountain. Though I would love to see it, I haven’t. However, that first pic you have looks awfully familiar. Not sure if I have actually seen that fountain or just other pictures of it. But I do like it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Have always been a fan of fountains, I always tell my husband we should have one for the backyard, but he isn’t a fan. I think part of it the maintenance that would be involved. And with our NE Ohio winters, it could be a problem. Enjoyed all the pictures, I liked the one of the frog, it is cute.

  5. Listening to fountains always makes me need to pee! But that having been said, I do enjoy them and the way they seem to draw people to them when in the public view.

  6. Love all the pictures of the fountains. I find them beautiful and so relaxing. As I live in Arizona also-we have to many mineral deposits to have a fountain-the build up clogs everything. So I’ll just enjoy all the pictures! 🙂

  7. I love the 2nd photo. Is it a rose? It seems it is. What is it about the wind of water be it rain, the ocean a flowing river or fountain that soothes the soul?.Maybe it’s from floating in a sack of water for 9 months haha. It seems ingrained into our DNA..There’s nothing more relaxing !!

  8. The only fountain mentioned above that I have seen is the one in Vegas. I don’t remember much of it though since I was around 8 when we lived there.

  9. I love fountains. So much so, that in one of my houses I had a 4 foot fountain in the family room. It had two levels for the water to cascade down. The sound was very soothing.
    Eventually the motor stopped working and I couldn’t find a replacement. Now the fountain is outside in one of the gardens. It adds a nice touch.

  10. Longwood Gardens has the most beautiful fountains and fountain shows. A former duPont estate, it’s magnificent! They’ve just restored them. Amazing.


  11. It really is too bad about the mineral content in your water. A fountain is the most enjoyable way to relax in your landscape and especially after all the hard work you have been putting into your wonderful garden. I hope you can solve this problem soon.

  12. I was out of town on Thursday, 🙁 But I’m here now and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your comments. A couple of them made me laugh out loud. Really!

    Here’s my funny fountain story. Several years ago, I had fallen in love with a rustic looking fountain that I finally saved up enough money to purchase. It was made of cement but colored to look like Spanish tile. It had a bucket that filled with water then when it was full, it spilled over and made a great splash into a large basin. On the shop display floor, it was perfection.

    We got it home and set it up in our living room. I don’t think it had run but a couple of days before I became aware of its most intrinsic flaw: That loud splash! I would cringe every time the bucket was filling up waiting for it to empty its contents and make that over-sized splash. The metal bucket creaked, rocked and made its own annoying noise as well. Clang, clang, clang, clang.

    No, I had no idea this would be my reaction, that I would tense up between splashes waiting for the various sounds to hit again. Eventually, I drained my beloved fountain and used it as a planter.

    Live and learn. But it was such an unexpected reaction. Annoyance!

  13. We used to have a small indoor fountain at work. It was very soothing, especially for the children. (I work with Kindie aged children.)

  14. To combat calcium deposits in a fountain, you can go to any store that sells hot tub chemicals. The have treatments for all kinds of water including high calcium. No more clogging. It worked for us, and the fountain is beautiful and calming.

  15. I hope to have a fountain this summer. It’s so restful and lovely to watch. We had a perfect one is Cali, but it was impractical to move. I’m thinking maybe a wall fountain this time. Barb G Wisconsin

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