The home of the famous Bronte sisters, of Yorkshire pudding and the birthplace of the Yorkshire Terrier, the county of Yorkshire in England is a place of significant history. It’s also a land of beautiful valleys and rolling hills as well as wild moors covered with heather. It’s a region that blends diverse cultures from over the last two-thousand years, from Celts to Romans, Angles to Vikings, and finally to the Normans.

Here is Rick Steves’s 5-Minute video all about the city of York. This is a fun, 1-minute video on the Yorkshire accent. Here’s a gorgeous, 3-minute video featuring the Yorkshire Dales.

FunFacts about Yorkshire: (Source)  

  • Basic Information, quote: Yorkshire, formally known as the County of York, is a historic county of Northern England and the largest in the United Kingdom. Due to its great size in comparison to other English counties, functions have been undertaken over time by its subdivisions, which have also been subject to periodic reform. Throughout these changes, Yorkshire has continued to be recognised as a geographical territory and cultural region. The name…also features in the titles of current areas of civil administration such as North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. (Source)
  • Yorkshire’s nickname: God’s own country.
  • Yorkshire is the home of two main vast unspoiled stretches of countryside called the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales.
  • The emblem of Yorkshire is the white rose of the English royal House of York.
  • Earlier inhabitants of York were Celtic, specifically the Brigantes and Parisi tribes.
  • Historically, Yorkshire was divided into three ‘ridings’. The term is of Viking origin. These were East Riding, West Riding and North Riding.
  • The city of Leeds is Yorkshire’s largest city with a population of about 750,000.
  • The Great North Road, also called the A1, passes through the middle of the county and connects the south of England with Scotland.
  • Yorkshire was impacted culturally by the Celts, Romans, Angles, Vikings, and Normans.
  • There are many castles in Yorkshire, significant public buildings and historically important homes.
  • The most well-known and esteemed literary figures from Yorkshire are the famous Bronte sisters.

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34 thoughts on “Yorkshire

  1. I’ve never been to England, but Yorkshire will be on my list of places to visit in the future. I’d like to see the architecture and the beautiful landscape.

  2. Husband was stationed at Feltwell AFB while there we drove around England never thought to take pictures of the stone walls around the country side. I have a lot of houses and mansions, and the people of the village we lived in, plus the beaches. Great Pictures!

  3. Ok, let’s play ID some places in the photos =)

    The funny shaped rocks: best known examples are at Brimham Rocks, carved by the wind.
    The long rolling valleys are Dales, those these ones might be in the Yorkshire Dales, or in the Yorkshire Moors, as the look kinda similar (green, full of fields, sheep and streams). If the top bits are covered in green, it’s the Dales (wetter in the west) but if they’re brown/heather it’s the Moors (windier in the east)
    The long walls are around York, and you can walk along big stretches of them around the city. They’re mostly medieval, but some are roman. York (Ebor to the Romans, Jorvik to the Vikings) has been settled a long time, and the archeology museums are cool. I think the cobblestones are probably from there too, but could be any numb of towns, including Harrogate, Beverley, Helmsley, Ripon and dozens more!
    The ruin is Whitby Abbey – I LOVE Whitby, it’s worth looking up as a classic, seaside/fishing town, though it also has Goth Weekend, due to its Dracula connection!
    The round tower is Clifford’s Tower in York. It now hosts a museum (and regular traffic jams on the junctions just outside – park&ride ftw!)
    Last one I’ll do is the steam train – this looks to be on the North Yorks Moors Railway, which runs from Pickering to Whitby, and regularly gets featured on TV and films. It’s STUNNING scenery, and I’m planning a trip with my dad later in the year (cos he loves steam trains, and I haven’t been since I was a kid)

    Hope I didn’t ramble too much, but you’ve picked some places I love here! The moors are some of my fave places to be, and I take any chance I get to drive across there!

    • Kathlyn,
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Now you’ve made me want to spend a summer in Yorkshire! I’ll bet it’s idyllic that time of year.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  4. Beautiful pictures and beautiful country. Love the old churches and castles. What fantastic rock formations. Wouldn’t mind visiting there. AZ

  5. I love your blogs! You take us places we are not likely to visit or even know about. Thank you. Yorkshire is beautiful!

  6. Would love to go there some day and take a long walk along the vista of rolling green places dotted with stone fences. So very British!

    Fort Myers, Florida

  7. Another lovely place to put on an England visit wish list! So different from the Mojave Desert here in Southern California.

  8. Love the shell of the church picture best. Have always loved Yorkshire.

    York, PA, also uses the symbol of the White Rose. There are bridges on I-83 with a White Rose on the structure. (Lancaster uses the Red Rose). York drops a White Rose on New Year’s Eve at midnight to bring in the new year and Lancaster drops a Red Rose.

    denise from maryland

  9. Never been to this part of England. Love all of the photos but the rocks the most ;). It’s so strange. My best friend is from England and she was married in a church built in the 500’s. It’s so hard to imagine. Thank you.

  10. Touring England has always been number one on my bucket list. I hope I get to go there someday. I especially want to see all the great castles mansions and the dales.

  11. I have never been there, but hope to someday. I absolutely love the church photo. All of them show beautiful scenery though. I live in Tampa area (FL).

  12. I really would like to visit England. I have always wanted to see the moors of England as I like to read Gothic stories and they always have the foggy moors.

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