The Amulet Series

The Amulet Trilogy features three master vampires and the women who try desperately to keep from being snared by their bonding powers. Set in the shires, each story delves into a different aspect of the land of the amulets, in which the making of the small, powerful charms, forged by a vampire’s design and blessed in a witch’s bath, often turns the world upside down.


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In WICKED NIGHT, Thea gets caught in Master Vampire Gabriel’s treacherous world as she barters herself for a healing amulet in order to save her mother’s life.  But in hunting for the healing amulet with Gabriel, Thea becomes trapped by the evil Mage vampires.  The only way to save herself and Gabriel is to surrender to the powerful bonding ritual that will seal her fate with Gabriel forever.  But how can she, when she has sworn never to do so?




In DARK NIGHT, the witch Sol-Brenna has tried for years to repulse the advances of master vampire, Eligio.  Bonded to a vampire years ago, Sol-Brenna wants nothing to do with his kind.  But her terrible attraction to Eligio, as well as her involvement with the black market, forces her to finally accept him as her lover.  But when she loses an illegal killing amulet, one of the most dangerous amulets in all the shires, to a thief bent on selling the amulet to the highest bidder, she must seek Eligio’s help in retrieving and destroying the amulet.  But proximity begins to work on her heart as his bonding tendrils build within her a raging fire of desire.  Coming, March 27th, 2013

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the darkeningTHE DARKENING



Caris Roane is the author of six paranormal novels for St. Martin’s Press and several indie pubbed novellas.  Writing as Valerie King, she has published fifty novels and Novellas in Regency Romance.  Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona, really doesn’t like scorpions, and has two cats, Gizzy and Sebastien.




11 thoughts on “The Amulet Series

  1. I love your books and keep track so I can always be up on when new ones come out and go buy them. I’m trying to figure out why in the Amulet Series Dark Night says it was released 11/15/12 but I can’t find it anywhere. I own a Nook and was going to buy it but its not there or on Barnes and Nobles website. Its not on Amazon or anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You… Can’t wait for Lukens books!

    • Lesley! I had every intention of releasing DARK NIGHT in November, but held back. The new release date is April 1st! ALSO, Luken’s book will be coming out as a series of Novellas starting in late spring, possibly June! I can hardly wait to tell his story! THE DARKENING comes out on Valentine’s Day so get ready! This is a Guardians of Ascension novella that takes place 1 month after Gates of Rapture ended!


  2. Woo Hoo… I can’t wait for more of anything you write.. I loved Wicked Night so I can’t wait for the next one there… And I’m excited about The Darkening to see more of how things are going with the Guardians… I will keep my eye out for Lukens book… Oh I just can’t wait for more from you… Thank You for repsonding…

    :) Lesley

  3. Will Wicked Night and Dark Night be available in print format? I haven’t given up on reading old fashioned paperbacks yet, and I love reading your books!

  4. Just finished your first Blood Rose book. loved it!!!! Is the second book out yet, Embrace the Magic? And when will the last book for the Amulet series be out? And Guardians and and and lol love your writings!!!! Thank you for being you!!! Love your FB listings too!! Keep the hunks coming lol

    • Hi, Nae!
      EMBRACE THE MAGIC releases in just a few days, on September 1st! Yay! And thanks for sharing! Your kind words mean a lot!


    • Hi, Sharon,
      I’m available on Kindle and most other online e-readers! Just check out my “Books” page and click on some links to see where you can find my books!

  5. Ms. Roane: Will you write the third book in the Amulet Trilogy series anytime soon? I love your work. I believe I now own just about every thing you have ever had published!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed The Amulet Series and am really looking forward to the last one!!! Happy writing!!

    Sandy Bowers

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