What is your favorite leaf? I’m fond of ferns for their delicate beauty. Though autumn leaves, when they turn, always get me. I love the oak leaf’s shape and the heart shape of morning glory leaves.

Leaves bless us with the most critical gift of all: Oxygen. For the plant, oxygen is a waste product. Isn’t that awesome? In turn and in order to create food for itself, a plant requires carbon dioxide which is the waste product we offer them every time we exhale. It’s a beautiful relationship.

One of the reasons I enjoy working in my yard is that I always feel better afterward and I know it isn’t just because of the physical labor involved. I’m breathing in oxygen the entire time. I think fresh air isn’t touted enough for our general health and well-being. I’m a strong believer in it and despite that I live in the desert, the window near where I work and where I sleep is always cracked a couple of inches, year round, day and night.

Here’s a brief video of the elephant ear plant, colocasea gigantea.

To view the largest leaves in the world, go here! This is the aroid plant of Indonesia and the leaves are as large as ten feet across.

FunFacts about Leaves (Source) (Source)

  • Plants that shed their leaves each year are deciduous. Those that keep their leaves are evergreens.
  • In the tropical rain forest of Borneo lives the plant with the largest leaves. This is the giant, edible aroid. Its leaves can be as wide as ten feet across. To view a photo of this amazing plant with a man perched between leaves, go here.
  • Leaves are considered organs of the plant.
  • Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy into chemical energy. (Source)
  • Oxygen, thankfully, is released as the waste produce of photosynthesis.
  • Leaves are generally flat and relatively broad. These characteristics allow the plant to gain the best possible exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is critical to the process of photosynthesis which helps the plant create its own food.
  • Leaves are thin which allows the sunlight to get to the chloroplasts, or cells within the leaf to help create its food.
  • The plant must bring carbon dioxide, water and light energy to begin photosynthesis which allows the plant to create simple sugars.
  • There are long lists of scientific names for the following parts and designs of leaves:
    • The edge of the leaf, such as: dentate, sinuate, lobate, etc.
    • The tip of the leaf, such as: acute, mucronate, obtuse, etc.
    • The base of the leaf, such as: cuneate, hastate, oblique, etc.
    • Surface of the leaf, such as: coriaceous, farinose, lepidote, etc.
    • Hairiness of the leaf, such as: barbellate, canescent, floccose, etc.
    • The veins of the leaf, such as: pinnate, parallelodromous, palinactodromous, etc.
    • Basic leaf types, such as: conifer, angiosperms, etc.
    • Arrangement on the stem, such as: alternate, basal, cauline, etc.
    • Etc., etc., etc.

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November Winners: Kim S., Tamara K., ELF, Grace W. and Catedid

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