Forest Light

Forest Light

Did you ever wake up from a dream so vivid you could describe it in detail? I had a dream once of a pool in the middle of a forest. But the area around the pool was filled with smooth rocks. I don’t remember the emotional quality of the dream, only that I was in a forest near a pool and I wanted more than anything to swim in that water. I think I was teenager when I had this dream and I’ve never forgotten it. The pool was illuminated with soft light and the surrounding forest was dark, but not in a frightening way. Just dark and very green and very beautiful.

Forest Light

Photo from Pixabay

There’s something magical about a forest, maybe because a lot of our nursery tales involve dark forests and evil things happening to children who don’t obey, lol. I think a forest could also represent our deep unconscious minds. Maybe the pool in my dream had something to do with an element wanting to come to the light, to surface, so that I could grow and change.

I grew up in redwood country in northern California when I was young. There was so much beauty in the forest, including the dappled, ever-changing light through the leaves. I don’t remember exploring very much, though. It would be too easy to get lost. But I did collect huckleberries with my siblings and play in the nearby streams.  I ventured as far as I could within sight of our house. 

Beyond that, where the forest grew dark, I wouldn’t go.




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And now, here are the photos of Forest Light…  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Forest Light Forest Light Forest Light Forest Light Forest Light Forest Light Forest Light

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