Sometimes, when I’m surfing for photos, I find a pic that stops me. When that happens, I know it has triggered something within and I need to explore it.

This past week, I found a photo of a camel and all kinds of desert-like things began to flow through my mind. One aspect of camels intrigues me the most: They were used for transportation.

CamelsThe image of a caravan of camels is one of the oldest images in the world and conjures up all kinds of things. In one of my favorite movies, The English Patient, our hero suffers terrible burns from a plane crash and is cared for by a caravan of Bedouin.

When I’m putting a paranormal world together, one of the first things I have to figure out is how my people move around. In the Guardians of Ascension — a multi-dimensional world — the winged vampires of Second Earth could ‘fold’ as in dematerialize. They could also levitate. And of course, they could fly using their wings. In the Blood Rose Series, levitation became paramount. But in both series, my characters loved their motorcycles and cars as well. What I haven’t done in a series, is to utilize an animal, like a dragon, as a form of transportation. I might have to do that next.

Camels have been used as pack animals for a very long time. The oldest reference I came across was from 2500 – 3000 BC, the former in Asia and the latter in Somalia and southern Arabia.

Camels are amazing animals and have been used in many cultures as a food source for a highly nutritious milk as well as for meat. Camel hair has been used for tents, clothing, bedding and accessories. Think camel hair coats.

FunFacts about Camels. You might have to read the source to believe some of these stats!

  • Camels live between 40 to 50 years and have gentle dispositions.
  • Camels can run up to 40 mph in short bursts and up to 25 mph for longer distances.
  • The humps contain fatty tissue. They do not hold water.
  • Camels are amazingly suited for extremes of temperature. One example: when a camel exhales, moisture from its breath gets trapped in its nostrils and is reabsorbed.
  • A camel can drink 53 gallons of water in 3 minutes.
  • The camel’s long legs create a cooling distance between its body and the hot desert earth.
  • Camel’s mouths have a thick, leathery lining so that they can chew thorny desert plants.
  • There are three types of camels.
    • Dromedary: One hump, inhabits Middle East and Horn of Africa
    • Bactrian: Two humps, inhabits Central Asia
    • Wild Bactrian: Two humps, inhabits northwest China and Mongolia, and is critically endangered

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Camels Camels Camels Camels Camels Camels Camels

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***This week’s giveaway is closed! The winner: Nancy S.*** 

July Winners: Nancy S., Betty O., Shannon C. and Pansy P.

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