I can recall hearing that Eskimos had hundreds of words for snow. I had to check it out, wondering what was urban legend and what was true. 

The result is still rather amazing. According to an article in the Washington Post by David Robinson of New Scientist, the Inuit dialect spoken in Canada’s Nunavik region have 53 words for snow. (Source)

We have one word: Snow.

The evolution of language fascinates me. My own opinion is that the use of the word snow and all its variations would be extremely important to people living in conditions dominated by that element. For example, two of the terms from the article were: (quote) “matsaaruti,” for wet snow that can be used to ice a sleigh’s runners, and “pukak,” for the crystalline powder snow that looks like salt. (Source)

As for snow itself, it’s beautiful, cold, photographs like a dream, and lends itself to mystery and fantasy.

Here’s a video of falling snow. Here’s a video of snow falling in the mountains.

FunFacts about Snow (Source) (Source)

  • Snow develops in clouds as part of a larger weather system.
  • Snow requires cold temperatures and moisture.
  • Here’s a definition of lake-effect snow: Lake-effect snow is produced during cooler atmospheric conditions when a cold air mass moves across long expanses of warmer lake water, warming the lower layer of air which picks up water vapor from the lake, rises up through the colder air above, freezes and is deposited on the leeward (downwind) shores. (Source)
  • Snowsqualls occur at the leading edge of a weather front. These are intense, but usually last for only thirty minutes.
  • Snowstorms are categorized by levels of visibility:
    • Light Snowfall: visibility is greater than 0.6 of a mile (1 kilometer).
    • Moderate Snowfall: visibility is restricted from 0.3 to 0.6 of a mile (0.5  to 1 kilometer).
    • Heavy Snowfall: visibility is less than a third of a mile (half a kilometer).
  • Glaciers, which contain permanent snowpack, cover 10% of the earth’s surface.
  • (Quote from Wikipedia) The following are world records, regarding snowfall and snowflakes:
    • Highest seasonal total snowfall – The world record for the highest seasonal total snowfall was measured in the United States at Mt. Baker Ski Area, outside of the town Bellingham, Washington during the 1998–1999 season. Mount Baker received 2,896 cm (95.01 ft.) of snow, thus surpassing the previous record holder, Mount Rainier, Washington, which during the 1971–1972 season received 2,850 cm (93.5 ft.) of snow.
    • Highest seasonal average annual snowfall – The world record for the highest average annual snowfall is 1,764 cm (57.87 ft.), measured in Sukayu Onsen, Japan for the period of 1981–2010.
    • Largest snowflakes – Guinness World Records list the world’s largest snowflakes as those of January 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana; allegedly one measured 38 cm (15 in) wide. (Source)

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39 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I have always been glad that I don’t live somewhere where it snows. Beautiful to look at in pictures, and I’m quite happy to visit the snow fields down south, but I like my weather more moderate.

  2. Loved all the snow info! I didn’t know that info about where I live, which is Washington State. I know the mountains get lots of snow, but didn’t know it was so much. I see Mount Rainer all the time since I live only a couple hours drive from it, but never really thought of it. We actually don’t get very much snow away from the mountain. We get some, but not crazy amounts. Usually anyways. I love snow when I don’t have to go anywhere, but it’s a pain when I do, lol.

    • Shannon,
      That info surprised me as well. I thought maybe somewhere in the Rockies! Nope, Washington!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  3. Newly fallen snow gives a feeling of peace and calm…every sound muffled, every blemish covered. Unfortunately, in NYC is doesn’t stay like that for long. Shoveling and out maneuvering plows
    requires some physical strength and strategic planning. Kind of takes the serenity thing right out of the equation.
    I particularly loved the picture of the sled dogs…such powerful animals, and the village scene is beautiful.

    • Donna,
      I had a friend from Pennsylvania who said the snow was lovely, at first. But pretty soon anything by the roads was brown. She gave me some unexpected insight just as your post did! Thanks for sharing.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  4. I love the first snow fall when I am able to just stay inside and watch it come down and make everything clean and beautiful, then I can’t wait until it melts away. I love the last picture of the pinecone and star ornament nestled in the snow.

  5. I enjoy all four seasons, however where we live there is hot and less hot lol. It can get a little crisp, but nothing like where I grew up. I love snow. It is beautiful. I could sit outside all bundled up and just watch it fall. I miss it. Sometimes I forget what it looks and feels like up close, but every few years I get to see it when I go to hometown area for the holidays.

  6. Having lived in New England for so many years and shoveling tons if snow I have to say I don’t miss it at all.

    NC will have an occasional snowfall which instantly becomes a big deal. LOL

    If it’s more than s few inches everything comes to a standstill.

    Nope, don’t miss the blizzards one iota.

  7. I have to admit, snow does photograph beautifully. My preferred method of looking at it. However, as I live in Michigan, I suspect I will see it up close and personal at some point during the winter. Personally, I am NOT looking forward to a white Christmas. I can live quite well with out it. Alas, chances are . . .

    I tried to live in Texas where there is little to no snow. Didn’t like the heat any better than the cold. Hard to please aren’t I? So I live in the north. Hire kids to shovel the snow on my walk. Stay inside where it is mostly warm. And look at the fluffy white stuff through the windows. It is so much prettier than the flat, brown terrain of North Texas. IMHO.

    As for words that mean snow – I coined one. Slushing. That is when it is both raining and snowing at the same time. Kind of white, very wet, rain. So far this season that is what we have gotten, but really mostly just rain – like today. I am okay with that. It does not have to be shoveled. 😀

  8. I remember doing a report on the Eskimos in grade school and learning all the different words for snow. I can’t imagine nearly a 100 ft of snow in one sitting – that’s just amazing! And a snowflake 15 inches just seems outlandish to me! I think someone exaggerated that one! But wouldn’t that be amazing to see! As always, breathtaking photos! We get some snow here in Indiana but it’s been mild the last few years. I love looking out my windows at all the snow-covered trees but it makes navigating my 1/2 mile driveway a chore and the country road drifts horribly and is a low priority for plowing so it can take me 30 min just to go 2 miles from my house to plowed roads in the winter!

  9. Snow ! There is something magical about snow. It has a breathtaking beauty of its own and I love photos of it. I love when it lays on the trees and everything is so pristine. I remember as I child we had big shoes here in Northeast Tennessee. Every Christmas it seemed like and when my kids were little they missed almost a whole month of school one time. I don’t like however when it takes down the power lines lol. We don’t seem to have those shows often anymore. I don’t know if it is climate change it what but something has changed. Today we’re supposed to be in the 60’s but cold and snow this weekend. The poor trees and flowers don’t know what to do. My chosen from has been had blooms on it again and Saturday at my daughter’s house she has tulips starting to come up. They will all get killed now but used to when it turned cold it stayed that way..
    Anyways didn’t mean to get on that subject lol. I do miss it if it doesnt Snow at Christmas. My daddy and my husband used to work at the same place for awhile and when it snowed they had to go out to plow no matter if it was a holiday or not. That I don’t miss. Thank you for the photos and the memories.

  10. Yes, I live in snow country. The snowbelt of NE Ohio and I grew up in western NY so I love snow. I just love how clean and refreshing it is.

  11. I will agree that snow is pretty to look at especially right after it has snowed, but I live in Vermont! I really do not like snow lol. I have to be to work and open the preschool at 6:45 and it really is a bummer trying to get there in one piece. The plows are not even out yet at that time because they have been going all night. They take a break and then go out again for the 9:00 heavy traffic. As long as I don’t have to go anywhere is snow fun lol. Sorry for the rant haha. Nice pics though.

  12. I grew up in a Chicago suburb where snow is the life. Yes it was fun as a child but now painful to the bones. Now i live inGeorga, on a hill, no driving in snow here!

  13. I’m from Southern California, so unfortunately I never see snow! All the beautiful snow pictures make me a bit jealous, but then my parents will put things in perspective for me when they talk about snow chains, windshield scrapers, and all the other troublesome aspects of snow country. I do which I could see just one “White Christmas” in my neighborhood, though!

  14. Love all your snow pics, here in Denmark we haven’t had any snow yet, which suits me fine 😉 least favorite thing about snow is the cold, my body aches more than usual. however I can see the beauty in it when I see such fantastic pics and videos..

    • Pia,
      May the snow hold off for you just a little longer! As pretty as it is, it can’t be fun when it’s time to go outside. I have a friend who lives in New York and winters are tough. She said by the time she gets all bundled up for work, goes out to her car, and scrapes the windshield, she’s exhausted. I’ll take my winter desert weather anytime.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  15. Love the snow hate the delivery companies blaming the retailers that they can’t deliver cause of a foot of snow here in Texas because of free delivery at Christmas. Haha we’re Mother Nature. Watching snow or rain fall is on of my “zen” moments.

  16. I love snow but the past several years we have not had more than dusting of snow. I live thirty minutes from where I grew up and we had good snow storms growing up. When I was 5 we were showed in for a week. The wind had drifted the snow to the roof of the garage. That was back in 1969. Once we could get and play it was wonderful! Sledding, snow ball fights, snow angels! I wish kids around had an opportunity to enjoy the snow fall I grew up with.

  17. I’m in northeast Ohio..usually we’ve had lots of snow by now, but not this year..only snowed a few times with no accumulation. One thing I HAVE to have is a white Christmas..we go out and make snow angels on the front lawn them come inside and look down from the window at them..I have a bi-level so the elevation is perfect for viewing. Grass angels aren’t the!! So, I really do hope it snows for Christmas..after that..maybe a few times.I like to veg on a snowy day and just read or crochet all snuggled in watching the flakes come down.

  18. I live in Michigan and have to deal with snow all winter long! I hate driving in it, hate having to clean it out of the driveway, and hate having it pile up everywhere! I think that people that enjoy being out in the snow, need to be medicated, but I know better than to share my opinion when I come across one of those crazy people! lol

    • Christine,
      When I first moved to the desert of Arizona 27 years ago, I struggled. I came from the moderate climate of southern California. I admit I complained about the heat…a lot. But I kept meeting people who’d moved from the Midwest: Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, and they never, never, never complained…at least not about the heat. But if you got them talking about snow, and about the salt on the roads, well, that was endless.

      So, I’m not surprised at how you feel about living in snow country. My other confession: I never wanted to live in snow country, either. I was a spoiled, Southern California girl. I can appreciate the beauty in photos or the occasional visit to the mountains when it snows, but I’ve always understood how tough it would be to live in it for weeks or months on end.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  19. I moved from SoCal to KY as a teen and have never gotten used to the cold lol. I find many people are surprised to learn KY gets snow. Thanks to inconsistent temps It melts quickly so doesn’t tend to hand around long. We have muddy brown slushy winters.

  20. So much interesting info! I went and looked some more up myself:) apparently it is a myth that every snowflake is unique! Apparently in 1988, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research found two identical snow crystalsand similar results have been produced in laboratories.

  21. I love watching snow fall. I only like going out in fresh snow though. Once it thaws slightly or freezes my elbow crutches are absolutely lethal. What I don’t need is a fall….I’ve enough problems.

  22. I grew up in Colorado so I know about living in it, driving in it, and skiing in it. That’s why I live in Arizona-just like to look at pictures of snow now.

  23. I’m surprised by the number of people commenting that feel like I do. I love to see the snow. I love the quiet hush that envelops the community. But it is too cold for me to enjoy very long. If the snow sticks around for more than a couple days, it tends to get dirty from melting a bit then refreezing on the side of the roads or in parking lots. Too many people where I live try to drive through the snow unprepared causing accidents and blocking traffic.

    However, it is not all bad. I love to look out my windows at the snow. It’s best when you don’t have to go out in it, but can choose to if you feel like it.

  24. I love the snow when the sunshine makes it glitter and sparkle. I also love driving down a road with trees on both sides when they are covered with s couple inches of snow.

  25. Loved looking at your snow pictures. I was born and lived in Colorado so know what it is like to live with it. However, I lived many years in Arizona before moving to Southern California. I love the warm climate best.

  26. I think the snow we were possibly expecting on Friday will now just be a wintry mix. We get some snow, occasionally a big storm, but I wouldn’t consider us in snow country.

    denise from maryland

  27. Beautiful pictures and living in SE Arizona, I miss having snow at Christmas time. I’m originally from Staten Island, N.Y. and I loved the snow at the holiday season. Don’t miss the shoveling though! 🙂

  28. We rarely get snow here in Kansas but I lived in Oregon for awhile and we had a great time in the snow. The best memory was a Christmas Eve while everyone was inside except my sister and I. It was magical!

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