Puppy Pairs

Puppy Pairs

Prepare once again for a cuteness attack! Puppy pairs, but not necessarily two puppies. Sometimes, it’s a bunny or a kitten or a parent dog with the puppy, but all soooo cute.

Years ago, I had the great good fortune to have a pair of cocker spaniels, a brother and sister from the same litter. One of the reasons I wanted two dogs was so that they would always be able to keep each other company. And they did. They shared a kennel together every night of their lives until the female, Duchess, died at age 12. The male, my sweetheart Duke, lived to be 16. They were a competitive pair, though. Especially Duchess. As the runt of the litter, she fought for everything, a trait she exhibited her entire life. They’ve been gone for years and I still miss them both. 

Though I’ve included a few interesting facts about puppies, today’s blog is more about adorableness than anything else. Enjoy!

FunFacts about Puppies (Source) (Source) (Source)

  • When puppies are born, they can’t see, hear or smell. They begin to see and hear within 1 to 2 weeks of birth. They gain a sense of smell at about three weeks.
    • Because of this, what a puppy experiences first is the sense of touch.
  • Puppies sleep 15-20 hours a day.
  • At 6-12 weeks of age, a puppy should eat four small meals a day.
  • Puppies are born as part of a litter and get lonely if they’re not surrounded by their pack.
  • Puppies teeth grow when they are chewing, so they need lots of chewing time.
  • Puppies leave puppy-hood when they are anywhere between 9 and 12 months old.
  • Paw size in puppies is a strong indicator of how big the pup will be when it’s full grown. Bigger the paws, bigger the dog.
  • Puppies don’t have teeth until four weeks.
  • Puppies will interpret a smile as a sign of aggression because the human is baring its teeth.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Closed ***

We have a winner! Congrats Marie S.!

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24 thoughts on “Puppy Pairs

  1. I have an 8 month old puppy named Lily. She is German shepherd and yellow lab mix. We got her to help our 7 year old black lab, Jett, come out of a deep depression from the loss of our oldest dog earlier this year. I know it’s working because he is acting more like a happy puppy himself now. Animal companions are precious and heart warming. Thanks for the much needed photos today.

    I live in Minnesota.

  2. I too had litter mates. My sister had a boxer whose first litter was quite large (10 or 12). I decided I wanted one of them, however, as it always happens, when you see them all together your heart just melts. So I came home with 2 sisters. They say that boxers are the clowns of the dog world and I would believe it! They brought me many hours of joy. Sadly, I lost one when she was 9 but her sister was 13 when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, 5 years ago. Thanks for the pictures and memories.

  3. Awwwww! What a wonderful way to start the day, not to mention the week. Mondays are . . . Well, not necessarily the favorite day of the week, but this picture cuteness makes it all better! I adore the kitty “kissing” the puppy picture that you included in the body of the blog! The puppy looks so long suffering.

    Thank you for sharing all this cuteness with us today. I am smiling now.

  4. I’ve had two cats but never any dogs. Love the pictures, cuteness overload.

    I’m now living in West Des Moines, Iowa, but am originally from New Jersey.

  5. Great way to start off the week! I definitely needed the cuteness this morning since I’m still fighting off a sinus infection.

  6. Is there anything more adorable than puppies and kittens?
    Well, except for baby ducklings.
    They are right up there with kittens.

  7. Yep! Definitely an adorable blog post today! Cute! I’m more of cat person, but I love all animals! I’ve only personally had 1 dog, but we got him when he was already at least 3. He was a rescue. He lived till about 15 years old, we lost him in the summer. He was really sweetheart.

  8. You just made my day! I love all these pictures, especially the one of the kitten and puppy. That brings back good memories. Thanks!

  9. I love babies, furrbabies are amazing lol. I have had multiple babies come thru or join our family. I rescue furrbabies and have hand raised multiple kittens and puppies and other creatures. These are pictures are too adorable. Two of our furrbabies I had since babies, one I hand raised and we kept her. She is the big dogs baby, our black cat, such a sweetly evil little thing and finicky lol. After these guys are gone though I don’t know if I will get another furrbaby for a while or rescue for a while… It broke my heart the last few times and makes it harder for me to keep something I get so attached to.

  10. Oh the absolute cuteness of all those pictures – couldn’t pick just one, love them all. Never had a pair of puppies, but when I received our Teddy as a puppy, we had a grown cat who was 4 times the size of the puppy!! Poor puppy Teddy just kept getting a paw because he wouldn’t leave the cat alone. Was funny times. Have lost our cat but Teddy is now 13 yrs. old.

  11. Growing up we had cocker spaniels and finally a cat joined our family. I enjoyed both and miss having a pet. Enjoyed the pictures of the puppies and kittens the best. Thank you for sharing all the fun facts about puppies.

  12. my dad used to breed beagles for a short time, so we had puppies many times. the hardest part was letting them go or when one didn’t make it soon after birth.


  13. Such a happy heart melting post.today. When I had my first poodle Pepper we also had a cat. They became best buds. When they played pepper would chase Sebastian the cat around thehouse & when they came around the other side the cat would be chasing the dog. They would do that until they were tired. You would get so tickled watching them.I miss them alot. Right now I don’t have any dogs but I’m sure I’ll eventually get around my hubby to get one lol. Thanks for the cute photos. Way to cute to pick a favorite!!

  14. Big, deep, wonderful sigh! Thanks as always for sharing your stories, responses and comments. You keep me inspired. I think I saw the photo of the kitten and the puppy first then I had to go on a hunt for the rest!

    I’m especially happy that the post lightened a few tough Monday mornings. Hooray!

    Hugs all around,

  15. I Love Puppies, kittens and all baby animals, they are too sweet. We have had pets all our lives and could not image life without them.

  16. I love seeing all of the puppy pairs. I used to have a bunny and golden retriever who loved each other very much. I miss them. Thank you for lifting my heart.

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