Even the name is cute. Piglets. 

But I have to admit I had mixed feelings about this one. I found myself torn because for the most part, as cute as pigs are, they’re being raised for food. So, as I was oohing and awing over how adorable these little critters were, in the back of my mind was the delicious smoked pork we’d had for Thanksgiving. Yes, very conflicted.

Still, I can appreciate cuteness and the amazing maternal instinct animals have. Did you know, for instance, that mother pigs build nests before they give birth? I had no idea. In the FunFacts, you’ll find a quote about the process. It’s fascinating.

Here is a sweet blog on having a pig as a pet and what you can expect.

Here’s an adorable compilation video of pigs and piglets.

FunFacts about Piglets and Pigs (Source) (Source)

  • Piglets can learn their names by the time they’re two weeks old.
  • Sows have been known to ‘sing’ to their piglets while nursing.
  • Piglets learn early on to run to the sound of their mother’s voices.
  • Pigs are fast and can run up to 11 miles-per-hour.
  • Pigs have as many as 20 vocalizations and talk to each other all the time.
  • Pigs will eat almost anything including human bones.
  • Pigs are highly intelligent.
  • Pigs dream.
  • Pigs are very social and like to snuggle close to each other.
  • The pig’s genetic makeup is similar to our human genome. Scientists are using pig stem cells to try to find cures for human diseases.
  • Pigs were domesticated from wild boars as early as 13000 BC.
  • Female pigs can reproduce anywhere from 3 months of age to 12 months.
  • Gestation averages 112 to 120 days.
  • ‘Sweating like a pig’ is inaccurate since pigs have very few sweat glands. To cool off, they wallow.
  • Quote about pig nest-building before giving birth: A behavioral characteristic of domestic pigs which they share with carnivores is nest building and bed making (although, modern livestock production systems often prevent these). Pigs root out wallows or depressions (digging with their snout) and the females (sows) will build nests in which to give birth. First the sow digs a depression about the size of her body. She then collects twigs, grasses and leaves, and carries these in her mouth to the depression, building them into a mound. She digs in smaller, finer material to the center of the mound using her feet. When the mound reaches the desired height, she places large branches, up to 2 metres in length, on the surface. She enters into the mound and roots around to create a depression within the gathered material. She then gives birth in a lying position, which again is different from other artiodactyls which usually give birth in a standing position. (Source)

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22 thoughts on “Piglets

  1. OK .now I’m feeling conflicted ( sigh ) .they really are so cute and smart ..I want to hate myself for loving bacon lol ….but seriously ….it is very tough …I’m an animal lover and yet I eat meat ….my late father was raised on a farm and hunted to help put food on the family table from when he was young because farming isn’t always a lucrative business unfortunately…sadly he became ill and passed away before I could discuss issues like this with him..I’d have loved to hear his take on the subject since he had so much experience with it personally

  2. I have mixed feelings too. The piglets are very cute, but then I see, and smell – truly gross, the trucks loaded with pigs going through town on their way to the abattoir. All of those Christmas hams in the making.

  3. Lol! I feel so bad now! Talking about smoked pork and bacon with cute little piglets. I’m a lover of bacon as well, but they sure are cute! I’d never be able to eat meat if I lived on a farm or something like that.

  4. They are cute but almost all baby animals are cute. I feel guilty as well. What’s worse is I also feel this way about chicks and cows. Maybe it’s time to consider becoming a vegetarian.

  5. I love pigs and piglets. My family has raised them for a few generations in cali. My big brothers girls raise them in oregon also. We had a few. We had a really mean male for a while when I was younger. He hated anyone in his space. The only time he let anyone come near him was to give him food. The others were such sweethearts. I want one as a pet here, but you have to be careful out here with them as pets. You can get ticketed as they are considered livestock (even the mini’s that are being raised as pets) lol, which they are, but since I am not big on eating pork or beef I don’t have that mixed feelings issue. I do love chicken and turkey though lol. But as you said they are raised for food. I love veal once in a while or lamb, but SO won’t eat either, but he will eat the heck out of red meat, chicken, and pig. No sense in feeling guilty about eating something raised for food, yes they are cute as babies, most everything is 🙂 It is just a part of our lives. We eat certain types of livestock. I could probably live as a vegetarian as I love veggies way more than I like meat anyway, but I have no guilt when I do eat a piece of chicken, I am just thankful for their sacrifice that help me keep going.

  6. they are definitely cute! Unfortunately the feral hog situation in TX is so bad that I don’t have much conflict about thinking of them as food.

  7. I have to admit, when I saw the title to today’s blog, my immediate thought was; “Piglets grow up to be bacon. Yum!” Farm girl here. Yes, we did raise pigs one year. They started as piglets – so cute. My brothers named them all, though I cannot remember any of the names now. I do remember my brothers trying to ride them as they got older. 😀 I also remember the end. I won’t go into it here, but I found it interesting, not to mention tasty.

    I have often wondered about having a pig as a pet. Read some on it. But the farm girl in me just couldn’t reconcile. If I want to see a piglet, or even a grown pig, there are a couple of pig farms around. My nephew worked at one for a while. Yes, he agreed. Pigs need loving too. But still . . . I do love bacon!

  8. I always wanted one growing up. Piglets are so cute! And i wanted to say that i love reading your emails! I look forward to seeing all of the beautiful pictures!

  9. Never had a pig but they are smart and cute. I love the third photo from the bottom with all the curly tails ;). NE Ohio.

  10. My mom raised live one year when I was young. I can remember playing with them. My husband’s family raised them also. I can remember making sausage with him & curing hams in the smoke house. I don’t care for country ham because it’s to salty for me. My granddaughter has a pet lot belly pig at her other grandmothers house. I think the little brown striped pigs are cute. I’m like everyone else. I hate to see them killed but I do eat them. With the risk of offending some one there is a different taste to the animals that are farm raised and what you buy in the grocery store. But the piglets are adorable.

  11. These piglets pictures are adorable! I was privileged to be able to hold a few hours old piglet thanks to our high school’s ag program. It was so snuggly! One of my brothers also raised pigs for meat for a few years. Each of the three breeds he raised had a different taste and none was like what you get at the store. They were very smart and sociable, especially the York. The least sociable was the Hampshire and in between fell the Durocs. All of them had their own personalities but, in the end, they were our food.

  12. We saw pigs “on the run”. They are very fast indeed. I liked this as all I knew previously was what my husband told me, as he worked with the pigs on the farm.

  13. My Uncle Wilfred owns a pig farm. We used to love going there every weekend in the spring after the piglets were born. My grandfather would take us. Every year he would tell us he wasn’t bringing us next spring haha, but he was a softy. You see, we used to make him crazy crying because we wanted a piglet. He used to point to the huge 1,000 pound mommas and yell…do you see those? That is what this baby will grow into! Your mother will kill me! So funny . We used to be able to make the slop to feed them too. Thanks Caris for the trip down memory lane lol!

  14. Thanks, Everyone, for sharing your stories! This was wonderful to read, and also to know that I’m not the only conflicted human around. I think I’ve been posting too many cute baby animal photos because I, too, am considering going vegan. Half-kidding, but I might look into it just to educate myself to alternatives. I don’t eat lamb anymore, and haven’t for a long time, for this reason.

    But I do enjoy reading your stories. They’re just wonderful! I think Melanie’s was my favorite with the ‘1000 pound mommas’, lol! Loved it!

    Again, thank you!

    Hugs all around,
    Buckeye, Arizona USA

  15. It’s so cool that you posted this today. When I was at the hair salon yesterday, a man and his wife came in. The man had a pig on a leash. Her name is (Sweet) Adeline. He said he got her when she was one day old and she was the runt of the litter. The mother had birthed 12 piglets but she only had 10 teats. One of the piglets passed away so he adopted the runt and fed her every couple of hours. Since then, they have been inseparable. She sits on his lap and sleeps with him too. She thinks he is her Mom. Living on the west coast of Florida, he drove to the east coast every day to see her when she had to have some surgery. He had tears in his eyes as he told this story. He also mentioned that he and Adeline are vegans! This was my first time seeing a piglet as a pet and it was just adorable and heartwarming to see the love. Thanks for sharing this cute pictures!

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