Park Benches

Park Benches

Few things spark my imagination more than a park bench. I always wonder, especially when I sit down to rest, how many people have sat in that same spot. Who were they, even that same day? What were their struggles? Were they young mothers trying to keep their children entertained? Were they elderly wanting nothing more than to feel the sunshine and breathe the fresh air?  Young lovers? The homeless? Or maybe a pigeon or two?

Park BenchesA few years ago, I was in the city of Dover in the south of England. While my friends shopped, I decided to sit on a park bench pretty much in the center of things, just to watch the people go by. Pigeons were everywhere and I happen to love these friendly birds. But there was a young woman on a nearby bench who must have come there often. The pigeons weren’t just clustered at her feet — no doubt she’d fed them — but they were roosting on her shoulders and arms. She seemed to enjoy it immensely. I enjoyed watching.

I went on a Google search to try to find out how many park benches there were in the world. I didn’t have much luck. I did however find one site that said London has 50,000 park benches. (Source.) I imagine there are millions of park benches on planet earth and we are grateful for them.

What are your favorite memories of sitting on a park bench? 

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Park Benches Park Benches Park Benches Park Benches Park Benches Park Benches Park Benches

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***This week’s giveaway is closed! The winner: Nancy S.*** 

July Winners: Nancy S., Betty O., Shannon C. and Pansy P.

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And tell us where you’re from!!!  

Above all: Live the fang!!!

23 thoughts on “Park Benches

  1. My momma used to like to sit and people watch. I guess one of my favorite memories is watching the pigeons & squirrels at Duke university medical center in Durham ,North Carolina. My husband’s mother had been flown there for open heart surgery.I know that sounds weird but it bought a much needed break at that time. Relatives from Michigan were in and there were about 12 of us there. There pigeons were huge. That also had beautiful gardens . That was many many years ago. I’m sure things have changed since then,but it was nice to be able to sit and feed the pigeons.

    • Marie, it sounded like a much needed break from a stressful situation. A park bench and a pigeon was exactly what you needed.

  2. I was trying to think of a memory of sitting on a bench, but I couldn’t, which makes me think I rarely sit on benches. I’ve been to the park recently, but I’m usually on the move. Watching the scenery as I stroll by rather than staying stationary. Oh, just thought of one! My boyfriend and I were in Long Beach in Oregon, and there was this bench situated in the sand dunes, surrounded by tall grass, and with a soft breeze. It was nice to relax by the ocean for a little while.

  3. A blissful pastime that we really take for granted. I too enjoy people watching. They are so interesting! And the benches, oh the stories they could tell.

    • That’s it exactly. The stories they could tell. A park bench would be a great medium for a story…I’ll have to think about it…

  4. You know, I have never thought about the people who have previously sat on the bench I am more interested in the people walking by. I love to people watch, and what better place than a park bench. Or a bench most anywhere? Also, being disabled, these lovely oasis’ are was wonderful places to rest and revitalize.

    • Parks can take us way from our daily humdrum, that’s for sure. We can get a new perspective, forget our cares, relax…

  5. My husband bought me a granite bench and small table years ago for my backyard. It is absolutely beautiful. We’ve spent many enjoyable moments sitting on it and gazing at the yard or reading. Benches come in many different varieties and styles from simple to intricate. I like the craftsmanship that went into designing and building them. My set was hand made and the table has no fastenings. The pieces interlock.

  6. The prettiest setting I’ve ever seen for park benches was in Savannah, GA.
    The park is composed of beautifully landscaped squares.

    Each square has benches to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

    It’s also where the famous park bench scene in “Forest Gump” was filmed.

    • Sandra, thanks for sharing the Forrest Gump anecdote. That’s so fun to know where that scene was filmed…and you’ve been there! The park layout sounds wonderful.

  7. Enjoyed all the pictures. I have sat on so many benches in my life-playgrounds with my kids, at parks (where it is fascinating watching all the different people going by wondering about their lives) It’s always so peaceful sitting on a bench and people watching. 🙂

  8. Great pictures! Sometimes its just nice to find a place to sit and look at all the beauty around you. It’s also fun to sit on a bench in the city and people watch!

  9. I always think of the people from the distant past. Has that bench been there for 40-50 years? What kind of clothes did those people have on while sitting on that bench. Were they worried about World War I or maybe WWII. Were they just finishing up partying at the local disco lol. Those are the things I think about as I sit on a park bench, even if I know the bench isn’t that old. There may have been a similar bench in that same exact spot for a hundred of years…who knows lol?

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