It’s tough to try to do justice to an entire city in a single blog. Paris, like other great cities of the world ~ London, Tokyo, Sydney, New York and Rio de Janeiro to name a few ~ are such big places with lots of interesting history, monuments and atmosphere that it’s impossible to cover even a fraction of the important points. So, since this is my blog and the only place I could get away with this, I’ll be sharing those things that I find intriguing.

A bit of data: Paris has a metropolitan population of over 10 million, and is renowned as a center of art, culture and fine food.  The city has two international airports: Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly. Opened in 1900, the Paris Métro, serves 5.23 million passengers daily. Paris’ Gare du Nord is one of the ten busiest railway stations in the world, and serviced 262 million passengers in 2015. 

Paris’s best-known nickname is “The City of Lights”. (Source)

FunFact: The strangest factoid I unearthed had to do with Japanese tourists. Apparently, on average, 12 of the 1 million Japanese visitors to Paris each year have to be sent home after suffering severe culture shock. Many movies, like Amelie, present a romantic view of Paris. When these romantic views collide with a rude French waiter who yells at his customers for not speaking fluent French, a psychological break can occur. It was a Japanese doctor, living in Paris, who first diagnosed the condition. This break is called ‘Paris Syndrome’.  (Source)

FunFact: The famous author Guy de Maupassant, routinely ate his lunch at the base of the Eiffel Tower, but not in reverence. Instead, it was because he hated the tower so much and it was the only place in Paris where he could sit outside and not have to see it. (Source)

Historically, long before Paris became Paris, the Celtic tribe, the Parisii lived in this area and it is said the name ultimately came from this tribe. However, the first name recorded under Roman rule was Lutetia Parisorium. The word ‘Lutetia’ is believed to come from the Latin root ‘lutum’, meaning mud. So Paris’s first name possibly meant ‘the little mud town of the Parisii’. (Source)

FunFact: There are two islands in Paris located in the Seine: Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis

FunFact: During WWII, the French Resistance cut the elevator cables to the top of the Eiffel Tower to keep Hitler from taking the tour. Apparently, the plan worked because he opted out of climbing the 1500 stairs. (Source)

Another intriguing Factoid about Paris during WWII is that the Great Mosque of Paris sheltered Jews and provided them with Muslim identity certificates. (Source)

So that’s it for today. And yes, I know I didn’t even scratch the surface. But I hope you enjoyed this oddball collection of information and trivia about one of the world’s best-loved cities. 

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We have a winner: Congrats Karen M.!!!

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25 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Thank you for the interesting information. I had never heard of the Paris Syndrom before. Poor tourist bless their hearts.. The pictures are lovely I especially like the sunset one & the one above it. My daddy was stationed in France in WW2. I don’t remember where though. I need to get out the old photos and look again. I would love to be able to travel the world to see all these beautiful places. I always dreamed of going to France because of daddy being there & I would love to see Greece too.Thanks for making me remember again !!!

  2. I love learning trivia about anything! The pictures are breathtaking! Wonder how long it would take to learn all of Paris’ secrets? I am thankful for your curiosity of which I benefit. Keep inquiring!

  3. I had not heard of Paris Syndrome, either. Reality always rears it’s ugly head in the least convenient way imaginable. To be so taken with a perceived ideal, then have it taken away, would be jarring. I wonder if other cities or vacation destinations cause people to experience the same type of culture shock.

    Thanks for the information. Oh, I am in southern Minnesota.

  4. Beautiful pictures today. The city looks amazing. It ALMOST, that is almost, makes me want to visit. Even when I was in the area, I wasn’t all that interested in visiting Paris. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful city with fascinating culture and amazing architecture. But it is also full of some of the rudest people I have ever met. I think I may have mentioned I lived in West Berlin – while it was still occupied territory with the wall. One of the other occupying counties was France. They would come to the American PX and act like it was theirs and that we were in their way and should be waiting on them. If we had the audacity to go to one of their restaurants we were treated like orphans being given a handout, while at the same time spending a fortune for an okay meal. Needless to say we tried that restaurant only once. These “ambassadors” to another country soured me on putting Paris on my destination list. However, a good friend has visited Paris and sent me a souvenir. A lovely key chain of the Eiffel tower. So I got the goodies without the rudeness. 😀

    Consequently, this is the way I choose to visit. Lovely pictures. Thank you.

  5. My dad had the same problem with French rudeness. While vacationing in England, he “took the packet to Calais”. He said people were so rude that he immediately booked a return trip back to England. No way was he going to leave any francs there!
    By the way, we have eagles in our neighborhood on the St Croix River here in Wisconsin. We see eagles a lot. Here’s one story for a book. Bruce and I were sitting in a restaurant by a window. Far off in the distance I saw a huge eagle heading toward us. It was so eerie because his white head was the same color as the clouds and blended into the sky. It shook me to my shoes until he got closer. Then it was magnificent!

    • Barb,
      I’ve heard of the rudeness and don’t blame him a bit for heading straight back.It would have taken all the joy out of the journey.

      As for the eagle, oh, my, it must have been awe-inspiring. What a wonderful experience to have had!


  6. Beautiful City, Incredible food, Amazing cultural opportunities, Awe Inspiring histroical sites. When I went, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it. I knew that London and England were amazing trips and I debated going back there again. Thankfully I did not. Using the Southern manners that my parents instilled in me and engaging the French people in a positive manner, my experience was that they enjoyed their interactions with us and were respectful in return. I would love to go back and be able to spend a month there (or more). There is so much to see and experience. Wonderful, wonderful place.

  7. Fantastic pictures and love #3 & #4. Never heard of the Paris Syndrome (yes some Parisians are very rude) and loved about the French resistance cutting the cables to the Eiffel Tower so Hitler wouldn’t go up-it worked!! LOL
    I was in Paris in 1985 on a tour with my German Aunt but never got to go up in the Eiffel Tower. Would love to go up someday. We rode along the Champs Elysees (where the Parisian ladies of the night walk) and saw so many Chateaus (they are my passion as are castles!). I can’t say I liked most of the people there-they were very snobbish but their country is beautiful! Saw the tomb of Napoleon, Notre-Dame and many more.

  8. Love the pictures! Paris is one of those cities that everyone should try to visit at least once in their life! I have a French uncle so I’ve been many times and my favorite thing is to just get lost in the city wandering the streets! You can find some amazing things!

  9. I have never been and this is on the list to see if at all possible. I love the picture of the bridge at dusk. I been to Martinique and the island is French owned and I saw some of the most beautiful women there.

  10. Paris is on my bucket list to see. I have never been there and to see it sooner rather than later. It is so full of history and I loved all the pictures. Maybe some day soon…

  11. I’ve never been. My mom lived in France for years. She said Paris was nice but look out for the dog poop ;). I like all the photos.

  12. What a great collection of pictures! Paris is on my list of Must-Visits and I can’t wait to have saved enough to spend a month (or more) living there!

  13. Thanks for all your comments. I loved the personal stories especially. Everyone’s experience is a little different. I have yet to go to Paris and I have no idea whether I will in my lifetime, though I would love to.

    When I was in London a few years ago, I felt there was a level of hostility that surprised me. I kept wondering if I was imagining it. But as my sister and I traveled west in Britain, it seemed the farther west we went the friendlier the people got. I think major metropolitan areas will always present some difficulties. But the real treasure when traveling is to get away from the usual and meet up with the regular folks. Then you find out what a country really is.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying my blogs. I don’t go for the usual here, either, lol!


  14. The pictures of France were beautiful. My favorite was of the bridge. I love the architecture of it and the light posts.

  15. I have never been to Paris but I would definitely love to see it . The pictures are beautiful and I want to see these sights in person. The city of Romance!

  16. I love the pink bridge picture. I’ve never been to Paris, I think it would be lovely to go. I’ve heard you have to watch out for dog poop as well. You have to watch out for pigeon poop in NY- go figure.

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