Sensual Excerpt – OBSIDIAN FLAME – Chapters 1 & 2

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Sensual Excerpt – OBSIDIAN FLAME

This scene takes place early in the story, at the end of chapter one and the beginning of chapter two.  Thorne, our hero, is discovering new morphing powers, while his woman, Marguerite, is doing all she can to separate from Thorne.

In this case, Marguerite has gone back to Jose’s house–a sexy Latino bar pick-up–with the intention of proving to Thorne that she’s moving on and he needs to as well.  She desperately needs her freedom, but Thorne desperately needs her!

From Chapter 1 and 2…

Marguerite stood in the doorway, topless, her arms folded beneath her beautiful oh-so-familiar breasts.  She still wore her short skirt and stilettos, which somehow made the whole picture sexier than if she was completely naked.

He was in for it now.

“Well, you coming or not?”

Thorne froze.  Why wasn’t Marguerite mad?  Or was she?  She didn’t look mad?  Her lips were swollen and she was ready for the action she’d been chasing all night.

He jumped down lightly from the bed of the truck.  He was about to explain that he didn’t want to kill her date so he’d put him in a slight doze when he realized that he wasn’t quite himself.  He felt odd just moving his legs.  His upper thighs seemed heavier than usual like he carried a few more pounds.  He glanced down and saw…not himself.

He was…Jose.

Holy hell, he’d just morphed.

Well, didn’t this change things up?

For a split-second, he considered telling her the truth, but because she lowered her arms and thrust her chest out, he thought he’d be a fool to do anything other than accept her invitation.






Marguerite looked her prey up and down.  He was built like Thorne except beefier.  She’d also felt the most important part of him and yeah, like, Thorne, his assets were just right, maybe not quite as well-endowed as Thorne but he’d do.  God, yes, he’d do.

She smiled.  She’d been waiting for this for a hundred years and three long weeks.  She didn’t know why she’d even put this off.  Anticipation streaked through her in fiery flashes and watching Jose move toward her now like he meant to devour her in one big bite, made her smile broaden.

Jose smiled back.

“What were you doing out there?” she asked when he reached the doorway.

“You should be inside,” he said.  “I have neighbors.”

“Thought I’d give ‘em a thrill.”

“You’re giving me a thrill.”

“That’s all that matters.”  When he got close, she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house then slammed the door.

He moved fast as he picked her up and lifted her high, really high, as in his-mouth-to-her-breast high.  She slung her legs around his back.  He slammed her against the door.

“You getting rough with me?”  But she was panting a little.

“You complaining?”


He settled in for a suck, taking her breast in his mouth and tugging in hard pulls, just the way she liked it.  She knocked her head against the door because his mouth felt so good.  This was what she wanted.  This was what she needed.

Thorne used to suck her breasts like this, like he was drinking from the fountain of life and couldn’t get enough.  She had loved it then.  She loved it now.  Did all men enjoy breasts like this?  She didn’t know.  The memories of the men she’d had before Thorne were a century distant, all but forgotten in terms of technique.

“Hey, where did you go?”  Jose looked up at her.  She liked his accent.

“I want my skirt off.”

All those big teeth gleamed in the dim light.  He leaned back and let her slide to the floor.  He stepped away from her, his lids at half-mast.  She reached behind her and unzipped the tight red leather.  The zipper could have been a little longer, but it made wiggling out of the damn thing the right kind of show to put on.  It was a real trick to keep her thong on at the same time, but she managed.  It was just a bit of lace and sheer red fabric, but he would probably appreciate a little more anticipation..

When Jose’s gaze felt to her bare mons, he whispered, “Brazilian.”  And his eyes rolled in his head then he licked his lips.

“Where’s your bedroom.  I wanna be on my back.”

“I want you on your back.”

He didn’t give her directions, he slung an arm behind her back and the other behind her knees and she was airborne.  He was just strong enough and she was just small enough that he tossed her in the air a little as he walked.

She giggled.  She was so damn happy.

When they reached the master bedroom, he tossed her on the bed and she landed laughing.  She spread her legs wide and because it was something Thorne had always loved, she slid her hand down her abdomen, beneath her thong, and massaged herself.

“You’ll make me come just standing here if you keep that up.”  Yep, she really liked his accent.  There was just something so smooth about a Latin cadence.

“You’ll have to stop me.”

His jaw trembled and he moved kinda slow so she kept rubbing.  It felt good.

“You like your hand there?”

“Sometimes my hand is my best friend.”

“Not tonight.”  But he leaned down and kissed the back of her hand and nuzzled her, pushing at her so that together they were giving her a thrill.

She liked Jose.  She liked his style.  Thorne would have done something like this.  Thorne would have loved how bare she was.

Thorne again…and yet, she didn’t feel quite so guilt-stricken.  He’d probably taken off, at last, and now she was free.

She felt free.

Jose finally seemed to reach his limit with her self-ministrations.  He pulled her hand away and slid her thong off, taking his time, but his gaze was fixed to the full lips of her lower body and again his tongue made an appearance.  She leaned back on the bed, stretching out.  She pulled her knees up but kept them spread wide.

He took a good long minute to look at her.  She could hear him breathing.  He sounded a little strangled.

She took the opportunity to let her gaze drift down his body.   The sight of his broad chest and muscular pecs, his abs rolling down and down, caused her body to give one full undulating roll that ended with a strong tug deep inside.  “I could come just looking at you,” she said.

He smiled.  He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down.  But unlike her, he caught his briefs at the same time so that his package sprang free and now it was her turn to lick her lips.  Yep, almost as big as Thorne.

Funny how she kept thinking about Thorne and yet it no longer bothered her.  Guess she was making progress.

About fucking time.

Jose grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed.  He knelt, then he got busy.

Muy bueno, she murmured.

Obsidian Flame, above all else, requires surrender.

And surrender is never for the faint of heart.

Collected Proverbs – Beatrice of Fourth

Chapter Two

Sweat popped all across Thorne’s forehead, but he wasn’t sure of the cause, whether it was the energy required to sustain the man he’d morphed into, or the sight of his woman bare, completely bare.


His pulse throbbed in his neck.  He wanted to sink his fangs and give her the potion she loved, but he couldn’t.  He wasn’t even sure if in this form he could use his fangs.


God, the things he wanted to do to Marguerite.  Now that the breh-hedden had slammed him hard, all the usual desire he felt for her had about tripled so that he wept from his erection and his pulse pounded at every hinge of his body.

He lowered to her mons and swept his cheeks over the smooth soft skin.  He kissed her repeatedly, savoring all that bareness as well as her familiar whimpers of pleasure.  In the convent, where he’d made love to her just about every morning at dawn, he’d cast a tent of mist over them both to keep the noisiness of their lovemaking from reaching other parts of the building.

He didn’t have to do that now.

He trembled as he slid his arms under her knees.  Her deep red rose scent perfumed the air and worked him up.  He was hard as a rock.

He didn’t know what to do first, to kiss her or lick her or just stare at what was to his eyes so beautiful, a perfect work of art.

He kissed her some more, his lips against her moist, swollen lips, plucking, adding a  little nip then a suck.  He kissed her in a line all the way to her  opening but that’s when things went a little haywire because she was already thrashing on the bed and he was working to hold her tight but dammit his tongue decided he had to have her.

He thrust his tongue in and out of her hard, like he was fucking her, like he couldn’t get deep enough.  She came rising up off the bed but he kept her hips pinned down.  Was she aware that she was using her preternatural strength and that only with a matching power did he keep her from flying off the bed?

Probably not, because as he thrust into her and thrust and thrust, she screamed her orgasm.  But he kept it up, looking up at her when he could, watching the ecstasy on her face, savoring the  pleasure she felt.  He brought her a second time and a third.

He was in trouble now, though.  He could feel the vibrations in his body and had to work to keep from changing back.

At the same time, he had to have her.

He rose up and while she was still caught in the remnants of an orgasm, he shoved himself deep inside, which sent her once more flying up.  He landed on top of her pressing her into the mattress, grounding her.

He fucked her, hard.  Shoving into her, pulling back, shoving in, watching her thrash some more beneath him.  Her moans had turned into wild grunts and cries.

He was two men now, one in the throes of sex the other struggling to hold his shape as Jose.  His lower back tightened, his balls ready to fire off.

When the orgasm came, when he began to jerk, he lifted off of her, supporting himself with his arms, his hips bucking into her.  He looked down at her.  “Look at me,” he commanded.

She opened her eyes, which were wild with passion.  She could hardly focus.  He kept pumping as he held her gaze.  This was his woman and he loved her.  This was his woman, Marguerite, and he had a drive toward her now like nothing he had ever known.  He had loved her for a long time in the Convent, but not like this.  He spent every last drop his body had made for her, the body pretending to be Jose, but his seed belonged to him, couldn’t belong to anyone else, and that’s what he put inside her.

The vibrations were getting stronger now.  Despite the fact that he had a powerful desire, even a need to remain connected to her, he had to get away.  Now.  Or he’d morph back.

And like hell he was he going to reveal this little secret.  It might just be the only way he’d keep from killing her lovers if she continued down this path.

He pulled out.  He didn’t like abandoning her like this, but he had to keep up his ruse.

He grabbed his jeans from the floor and went into the bathroom.  He counted to ten.  “My brother just left a text,” he called out.  “He needs a ride.  I gotta go.”

He dressed in rapid movements.  When he reached the door he looked back at her.  She looked so beautiful sprawled as she was.  She looked confused as well but he couldn’t help himself as he said, “You know the way out.  Call a cab.  Just don’t be here when I get back.  My brother has a temper and besides, I don’t like women in mi casa in the morning.”

Okay, maybe that was mean, but she shouldn’t have been bonking Jose.

He saw her eyes flash and her temper wouldn’t be far behind so he hightailed it.  He ran out to the truck, and because he wasn’t sure if Marguerite would cheat and use her folding skills to reach the front door, he got into the vehicle the old-fashioned way by opening the door and sliding in.  He did however ignore the key as he touched the ignition to start the truck.  He wasn’t surprised that just as he started backing out she opened the front door.

He almost stalled out, his foot jerking away from the accelerator, because there she was, buck naked, and flipping him off.

There was so much he enjoyed about Marguerite, but it was her spirit that got him.  She stood in the doorway, facing the front yard, without a stitch on and not caring who saw her.  She was the kind of woman that would go down battling, nothing less.

“Asshole,” she shouted.

He almost put on the brakes.  He wanted to head straight back into the house, carry her into Jose’s bedroom, and do her all over again.  But the vibrations were getting stronger and he was sweating into his jeans.

He looked away and gathered his wits.  He pointed the truck in the direction of the bar.  When he was at last in a different part of town, and several miles away, he pulled the truck over, morphed back into himself, then released a long deep breath.

He was covered in sweat and he gave one full body shiver.  Well, that was fucking weird.

He jumped into the back of the truck, woke Jose up, handed him the keys and wiped his memory.  He folded back to Marguerite’s hotel room and heard the shower running.

He stretched out on the bed and waited.

He smelled roses and what do you know, he was smiling.

Okay, was it wrong to be enjoying himself?

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