These small-to-medium parrots come in a huge variety of colors. Some are all black, others mostly red or green, and one species is black and orange. Lorikeets are considered one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. The photos below are exclusively of the rainbow lorikeet and this species lives up to its name. Lorikeets are best known for their ability to lap nectar. They have papillae, or very fine hairs, on the ends of their tongues. The second video shows these in slow-motion.

Here’s a 2-minute video of a rainbow lorikeet in motion and making all kinds of vocalizations. This 5-minute video shows the lorikeet’s unique brush-like tongue which helps it to gather nectar. It also showcases several, fascinating slow-motion sequences. Here’s a 3-minute video of lorikeets chirping, bathing and enjoying life.

FunFacts about Lorikeets: (Source) (Source)  

  • Basic Information, quote: Lories and lorikeets (tribe Loriini) are small to medium-sized arboreal parrots characterized by their specialized brush-tipped tongues for feeding on nectar of various blossoms and soft fruits, preferably berries. The species form a monophyletic group within the parrot family Psittacidae. (Source)
  • Lorikeets can be found in Australasia, a region of Oceania.
  • With their specialized brush-tipped tongues, they can take the nectar of around 5000 species of plants. The tips of their tongues have papillae which are very fine hairs.
  • Lorikeets are important pollinators of many trees including the coconut palm.
  • Lorries and lorikeets are considered some of the most beautiful species of parrots.
  • Lorikeets feed mainly on nectar, though they will eat fruit and seeds. They’ve also been observed eating insects.
  • The ultramarine lorikeet is highly endangered and is one of the top 50 rarest birds.
  • Lories generally have blunt tails while lorikeets have longer, tapering tails.
  • There are 53 species of lorikeets.
  • The rainbow lorikeet, featured in the photos below, is one of the most notable of the lorikeets. At night, they gather, sometimes by the thousands, in communal roosts.
  • Lorikeets come in many colors: black, brown, green, yellow-streaked, red-and-blue with black wings, multi-colored with purple necks, mostly red, orange-and-black, etc.
  • About lorikeet reproduction, quote: Like most Australian parrots, lorikeets are hole nesters. A hollow trunk or eucalyptus branch are usually chosen where two white eggs are laid and incubated for just under a month. The chicks are fed a liquid diet of partially digested nectar and pollen regurgitated by both parents. (Source)

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37 thoughts on “Lorikeets

  1. I’ve had a cockatiel and a parakeet, but haven’t tried these and I’m under the impression they can be fairly noisy. The high desert where I live gets fairly cold during the winter and is not a great environment for tropical birds. Thank you for the informative post and the beautiful pictures, as always!

  2. we see rainbow lorikeets everywhere around our complex as we have lots of native plants they love to eat from. They are the main bird to be found around here.

  3. Love the pictures, they are very colorful birds. Never had parrots, grew up with cockatiels and parakeets and my sister-in-law has a cockatoo.

  4. The slow motion video of the lorikeets taking off from the ground is really amazing! They’re so colorful and seeing the close up of the tongue is interesting.

  5. We have only had parakeets but these birds are really a rainbow of color. Would love to see all the different colors they come in. Thank you for all the interesting facts about these birds.

  6. What a beautiful colored bird . There is so much beauty in nature. I have a small green checked parrot. He’s a small one only about 3as the size of a parakeet. I love to see the parrots at the zoo..Happy December everyone 🙂 🙂

  7. what beautiful birds! once again you have expanded our world with NEW knowledge about something wonderful that we did not know about. Thank you.

  8. These birds are so beautiful and reminds me even more how amazing Mother Nature is in creating them. Their bright colors are so striking! I have never seen one before. I loved all of the pictures which makes it difficult to choose a favorite. I like the one of the Lorikeet perched on the side of the tree. The brown of the tree really makes the bird’s colors stand out. Another favorite is the sixth photo down which shows a closeup of the colors of the feathers. Just gorgeous! I’m going to share this with my family and friends which I do often because your posts are so interesting and unusual. Thanks so much for always posting these amazing photos and blogs. Your hard work is very much appreciated, Caris. I’m from Fort Myers, Florida.

    • Connie,
      Thanks for the shout out! I always look forward to doing these blogs. I get this little kick of adrenaline when I think about the next topic I’ll be doing. It’s really fun and of course knowledge is the source of life-changing power!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  9. I loved all the pictures – they are just beautiful! Enjoyed the videos and I have never owned one. Never saw any pictures of them either. Thanks for sharing. AZ

  10. Wonderful colors on the birds. I have a fear of birds since childhood; so looking at them in a cage is only good for me.

  11. I love the brilliant colors on these birds.

    I’ve raised parakeets, green,blue and yellow.

    I wish I had these birds in my neighborhood. But I’ve never seen one in North Carolina.

    Looking at colors of nature especially in birds, gives me ideas on what colors to choose for clothing, in other words, what color goes with another color.

  12. Feeding the lorikeets is one of my favorite things to do when I go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The birds are usually friendly and love to drink the nectar offered to them. They’re also camera hogs and will usually pose for pictures. I can feel like I’m in Australia and it’s only a two-hour drive from my home in the Mojave Desert.

  13. Wow they are beautiful. I love the rainbow lorikeets. Such beautiful bright colors. I have had cockatiels and fives but never a lorikeets. Would love to win thanks for the chance

  14. What beautiful birds. Birds make wonderful pets I have had a couple of cockatiels and one Spectacle Amazon parrot over the years and they do make good pets. The Amazon parrot was the nosiest of them all but he could talk some. He could wavy by by and say Chico was a pretty bird. I had to find a new home for him though because I couldn’t take care of the bird and a toddler at home, it was just to much so one had to go and it had to be the bird but I still miss him. I kind of wish I had him back now because my toddler is a grown man now but I do have a cat now. Cats and bird don’t mix to well either.

  15. I loved the videos of these beautiful birds!!! But as usual I wandered off into La La land watching other animal videos for longer than I should have!!!!! lol

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