Lions and Cubs

Lions and Cubs

The distinctive social quality that lions possess and that causes them to gather in what is called a ‘pride of lions’ makes these big cats unusual among other similar species. Most big cats live solitary lives.  The nature of the pride gives lion cubs a strong chance of survival. The pride hunts as a group and more than one female in the pride, having given birth, can be available to nurse other cubs if orphaned. 

Here’s a wonderful short video of lionesses and their cubs. Here’s a short video featuring the first few weeks of the lion cubs’ life with their mother. Here is a longish documentary about a lion pride in Namibia.

FunFacts about Lions and Cubs: (Source

  • The lion is a member of the Felidae family, genus Panthera.
  • In terms of conservation, lions are listed as either ‘vulnerable’ or ‘endangered’ worldwide.
  • After the tiger, the lion is the largest cat on the planet with the male having an average weight of 550 lbs (250 kg).
  • Male lions live an average of 10-14 years in the wild because of survival fighting but captive males can live over 20 years.
  • Lions don’t live in dense forests, but prefer grasslands and savannahs.
  • Average pride size ranges from 3 to 20 adult lions and their related cubs.
  • Male lions are known for their manes, which is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Paintings of lions exist in the Paleolithic Lascaux caves in France, dating back 17,000 years.
  • The Romans kept lions in menageries.
  • Lions rest and sleep 20 hours a day.
  • The closest relatives of the lion are the leopard, snow leopard, tiger and jaguar.
  • Lions live in Africa and India.
  • The darker and fuller a lion’s mane, the healthier the lion.
  • Prides can have as many as 4 males, called a coalition. There is one exception: The Tsavo lions have only one male per pride.
  • Females don’t tolerate outside females entering a pride.
  • Males mark their pride’s territory and defend against intruding males. Male lions who kill the males of a pride during a takeover, will also kill all the cubs of the pride then begin their reigns with their own offspring.
  • Females will often mate with more than one male while in heat. Gestation is about 110 days. Cubs are born blind. The female keeps her newborn cubs well away from the pride for the first few weeks in a reedbed, a cave or some other secluded location. When the cubs are six to eight weeks old, the mother will integrate her cubs into the pride. Nursing is often shared among the female lions. Weaning occurs at about 7 months.
  • As many as 80% of cubs will die before the age of two. Causes: Starvation and abandonment, takeover slaughter by new, dominant males, and depredation by other animals like hyenas, leopards, and wild dogs.

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We have a winner! Congrats: Drea M.!!!

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32 thoughts on “Lions and Cubs

  1. The only lions I’ve seen in person have been at the zoo. They’re always featured on the nature shows and the cubs are definitely cute! I got to go to the San Diego Zoo for a special early morning event, and we got to hear the male lion roaring out his morning greeting; it was really loud in real life compared to what you think it sounds like based on TV.

  2. I’ve seen lions in the zoo before. I love photo 6 . The male looks so majestic and regal in it & it portrays a don’t mess with me attitude. In Myrtle Beach there is a place you can have your photo taken with baby cubs. I would love to do it but it is expensive. My hands just itch to pet one. I’d love to see what their fur feels like. Such truly beautiful creatures.

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Over the weekend, I kept thinking about this blog and what I’d learned from the videos about lions and their journeys. I started with cute cubs because honestly, aren’t they adorable? The cub lying on his back and looking at the camera gets me every time (#7). I especially loved in the video watching the 8-week-old cubs getting introduced to ‘Dad’ and what a tense time it was for ‘Mom’. The whole thing is fascinating. Nature is amazing and it’s disturbing. The stat about how many cubs survive is daunting. I vacillate between being amazed and being appalled. But I suppose it’s a good life lesson and as the British saying goes, we all pay our debt to nature.

    I hope you enjoy today’s blog!

    Buckeye, Arizona, USA

  4. I love all animals and seeing the pictures make my heart flutter. I’ve only seen them in photo and animal documentaries.

  5. Cats, large and small, I love them all.

    I’ve seen lions, tigers and panthers in person and it’s quite shocking how huge they really are. Especially when you have a close-up view of their paws.

    The NC Zoo has an enormous free range environment for the animals. Sometimes you need binoculars to see the elephants. Google the zoo, I think it’s one of the best in the country.

    I’ve watched several documentaries on the big cats and it is heartbreaking at times. I don’t know how the film crew can resist not to interfere. I know I couldn’t do it.

    I just wish there were more protections for the disappearing wildlife. It’s hard to think several species will go extinct in my lifetime.

    I’m still mad as hell over that idiot trophy hunter killing Cecil the lion.

  6. Beautiful photos you’ve given us to look at today! It always amazes me that, for all their size, lions live rather precarious lives in the wild. So many things can happen to a pride! Thank you for sharing all this enlightening information you’ve gone to so much trouble to prepare!

  7. Caris, I love all the pictures, the cubs and their majestic Papa’s too! . I’ve only seen lions and cubs in a zoo. The cubs are always so cute to watch their play. Breaks my heart with the high percentage of loss of the cubs, but I guess that is natures way. Loved the two short videos and it is hairy watching when the cubs are being integrated into the pride and how the lioness watches them and hopes they are accepted. *whew*

  8. Nature is beautiful and cruel in nearly every form. These cubs are so precious. Sometimes it is hard to remember they are not tame and just waiting to be picked up and loved on.

  9. I love lions and all cats really :). I long for them to live free and safe but in this world – not likely :(. Thank you for the great photos.

  10. I find Lions to be so majestic. Those wonderful manes on the males. What the group is called – a pride. The built in baby sitters. Awesome. As usual, wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing all this awesomeness!

  11. I have always loved the lion. I thought that I would have a lion for a pet when I got grown but alas that just was not a good idea. I was ecstatic that the lion is the symbol for my sign.

  12. The dynamics of prides are very interesting. The moms hunt and take care of all cubs, the males get to eat first, mate with multiple females, and if the take over a different pride they kill all the current cubs so they can create their own. Seems very One sided right?! They are beautiful creatures though!

  13. I love ALL cats…. large, small, wild or domestic (I have two) I would love to have a job taking care of these beautiful creatures…Gorgeous!! Thank you!!

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