Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

These sweet little flowers have graced bridal bouquets for decades, from Princess Grace of Monaco to more recently, Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William. Lily of the Valley is said to have the loveliest scent and even Christian Dior created a fragrance to emulate this small delicate flower. In the 1993 film, Age of Innocence, our hero Newland Archer sent his fiance lilies of the valley everyday.

Here’s a 1-minute video showing lily of the valley in a woodland setting. Here’s a 4-minute, very informative video about caring for the ‘roots’ or ‘bulbs’ of lily of the valley. Here’s a 2-minute video on growing lily of the valley in a pot.

FunFacts about Lily of the Valley (Source)   

  • Basic Information, quote: Lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis, sometimes written lily-of-the-valley, is a sweetly scented, highly poisonous woodland flowering plant that is native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe. Other names include May bells, Our Lady’s tears, and Mary’s tears. Its French name, muguet, sometimes appears in the names of perfumes imitating the flower’s scent. (Source)
  • Lily of the valley is a perennial plant that spreads through underground rhizomes which often create vast colonies.
  • Lily of the valley flowers are white though on the rare occasion can be pink.
  • Lily of the valley flowers create very small red-orange berries.
  • Lily of the valley prefers partial shade.
  • Lily of the valley is hardy to up to minus-40 (F).
  • All parts of the lily of the valley are highly poisonous.
  • Lily of the valley contains approximately 38 different cardiac glycosides, substances that can be used to treat congestive heart failure and which might have a beneficial effect in cancer treatment.
  • The French fashion firm, Dior, created a simulated lily of the valley perfume called Diorissimo.
  • Lily of the valley is often used in bridal bouquets. Princess Grace of Monaco had these flowers in her bouquet as did Catherine Middleton, wife of Prince William.
  • Lily of the valley represents humility, chastity, sweetness, and purity.
  • Lily of the valley is the floral emblem of Yugoslavia.

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We have a winner! Congrats Kim C.!!!

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37 thoughts on “Lily of the Valley

  1. I’ve heard of Lily of the Valley so many times before, but apparently I’ve never specifically seen a photo of them! They’re so cute in the close-up pictures!

  2. Oh I love Lily of the Valley flowers. When I lived back east, we had them growing in front of the house and the smell is heavenly. Not sure if the Arizona climate is good for them. Certainly didn’t know they were so poisonous. They bring back happy memories!! AZ

  3. Such delicate,dainty flowers. Who would imagine they would be so poisonous.,or that it could help with medical treatment.

  4. Lily of the Valley has always been a favorite of mine. They are so pretty and delicate. I can’t believe they’re so hardy too. Such a shame that they are so poisonous. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  5. We used to have them in our yard, but not since we moved to VT, although I did chance upon a large bed of them in the woods which may be worth a nocturnal plant gatherings. They’ve always reminded me of my late best friend, Meryl. Muguet was her all-time favorite fragrance and is smells just like lily of the valley.

  6. We always grew them while I was growing up. When we picked them we’d put them in water with a couple drops of food coloring and watch them change. Love them! NE Ohio.

  7. My mom grew these flowers.

    When I married and bought a home of my own I dug up some of the pics and planted them in my garden.

    Each time we moved (7 times) I would dig up some more to take with me.

    The longest move was the last one from NH to NC.
    They are seasoned travellers.

    Every Spring I have a carpet of these beauties.
    The scent is heavenly.

  8. Every time I see a Lily of the Valley my first thought is of innocence so it surprises me to find out that they are in fact poisonous. Such a pretty flower. Thank you for sharing with us! I’m from southern Maine!

  9. As a kid I remember my grandparents growing I found some at my clients house!! Their smell is divine!! I even have some perfume!

  10. They are beautiful in a delicate way lol. So if every part of the flower is highly toxic, is touching them at all dangerous? If so, why are they always in floral bouquets (besides the fact they are pretty and smell good lol)?

  11. I remember as a child hearing my grandmother asking my mother if she saw the Lily of the Valley. Momma always ways answered yes. Then I wondered, well what did it look like because I did not know. Well, it is wonderful to see these pictures. They are beautiful and know I have learned what to look for in the future. Thank you again Caris for the beautiful pictures and helping us learn.

  12. My mother grew these, she loved them. She also like the song Lily of the valley. I thought that they looked like fairies should be sitting on the leaves and swinging from the stems ringing the bells.

  13. I don’t remember ever seeing or smelling Lily of the Valley flowers. I really like the picture of the one that looks like a bush, otherwise, the leaves seem to overwhelm the flowers.

  14. Literally of the valley is the flower of my birth month – May – so I have always loved them. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  15. My grandmother always wore Lily of the Valley perfume and I am reminded of her every time I smell them. I planted them in my garden because they are beautiful and smell so lovely.

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