These tree-shrubs are a one-season bloomer and will provide a wonderful show in mid-spring. After that, the flowers die off and you have a nice, green plant for the garden. Lilacs don’t provide fall color, either. But when they bloom, they are magnificent. With the right cultivar, they are wonderfully fragrant so long as the season isn’t too damp or cold. There are some cultivars that have no fragrance at all, so if you’re after the traditional lilac scent, make sure you purchase the right plant. 

Here’s a terrific 5-minute video all about the lilac flower and shrub.  Here is a 2-minute video on the easiest way to start lilacs. Here’s a 4-minute video on making a scented lilac oil

FunFacts about Lilacs: (Source) (Source)  

  • Basic Information, quote: Syringa (lilac) is a genus of 12 currently recognized species of flowering woody plants in the olive family (Oleaceae), native to woodland and scrub from southeastern Europe to eastern Asia, and widely and commonly cultivated in temperate areas elsewhere. The genus is most closely related to Ligustrum (privet), classified with it in Oleaceae tribus Oleeae subtribus Ligustrinae. Lilacs are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including copper underwing, scalloped oak and Svensson’s copper underwing. (Source)
  • Lilacs are considered small trees and can be anywhere from 2 to 10 metres (6 ft 7 in to 32 ft 10 in) tall. The smaller trees are referred to as shrubs.
  • The color of the lilac refers to its name and can be anywhere from a purple to a lilac. But these flowers can also be white, pale yellow, pink, and dark burgundy.
  • ‘French Lilac’ generally refers to the double-flowered cultivars.
  • The wood of the lilac is an extremely hard wood and one of the densest in Europe.
  • Lilac wood has been used for musical instruments, engravings and for knife handles.
  • Lilacs prefer well-drained, chalky soil.
  • The medium-to-dark purple lilac shrubs or trees have the most fragrance.
  • The amount of fragrance can vary by cultivar. But the weather can also impact fragrance especially if it’s too cold or too damp.
  • Lilacs are thought of as a symbol of love.

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We have a winner! Congrats Sherdina A.!!!

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44 thoughts on “Lilacs

  1. I like the lavender and purple lilacs since purple is my favorite color! I didn’t know that lilac wood was so dense; I’d like to see one of the musical instruments made from the wood.

  2. Love the pictures! I enjoyed watching the videos. Lilacs were always a favorite of my mom’s. My mom had a lilac tree in the yard next time I in that area I’ll have to see if it is still there or not.

  3. Love the smell of a Lilac and my favorite color are the purple ones. My mom grows Lilac every year. Loved the photos

  4. There is nothing like a bouquet of lilacs freshly plucked from my garden! Huge vasefuls fill my home with the wonderful, delicate scent! May is my favorite month!

    • Nancy,
      That must be heaven in your house! How about we all come for a visit next spring, lol!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  5. These, as far as I’m concerned, are one of the most fragrant and delicately beautiful flowers in existence. They are also my favorite fragrance and exists in some form or other in every perfume, lotion or other body scent that I use. My other favorite is lavender.

  6. Love lilacs they are so beautiful delicate little flowers. The smell is very relaxing and wonderful. Loved all the pictures.

  7. I love them and always have them in my yard though the deer love them too. My favorite is the French Lilac, such a deep dark purple. NE Ohio.

  8. I love lilacs and the scent they give off. I wish I could grow them but I don’t have a green thumb! The lovely shade of purple is awesome.

  9. I love lilacs. I found a new cultivar that reblooms periodically through summer called Josie. Lovely blooms, delicate fragrance and it’s purple. Simply perfect.

  10. I love lilacs. We have a park that has a whole field of lilac bushes and going every spring to pick some is one of my favorite spring rite. The fragrance fills my whole house.

  11. When I lived up North we had gorgeous purple lilacs all over the place.

    Here in NC they don’t grow well at all.
    I don’t recall even seeing any in our area or for sale at the garden centers.

  12. I remember the lilacs that grew in the yard of our apartment when I was a little girl. Heavenly! I was able to grow them here in the High Desert for a few years while we still had predictably cold winters with a sufficient amount of rain and/or snow. Unfortunately, we’re still in a drought situation after 15 years so no more lilacs. Now I buy them from Trader Joe’s and enjoy them for a week or two.

  13. I’ve always loved lilacs!! Their scent is amazing!! Planning on planting one or two bushes right outside my window next year!!

  14. I had a Lilac bush right outside my window when I was a child. I used to love to open my window to smell their lovely fragrance all Spring long. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers, and probably one of the reasons that I love the color purple.

  15. I love all the pictures and colors. Love their smell. AZ (I’m late with this-been having problems with my computer, I’m hoping it’s not dying on me. 🙁

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