Lovely Winter Snow

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorLovely Winter Snow

Hi, Everyone! Yup, I’m back with another winter offering. This time I’m calling it lovely winter snow, because it is.

Horses as Writing Inspiration

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorHorses as Writing Inspiration

When I went hunting for photos to inspire me this week, I remembered seeing the most beautiful pictures of horses on Tumblr. Like any normal, American girl, I had a stable of imaginary horses when I was ten. The names were painfully unimaginative, but I can recall them to this day: Brownie, Queenie, Blackie, Star and Princess. I chuckle as I think about how we had to entertain ourselves as kids. My children grew up with video games and honestly, it took me a great deal of discipine not to join them. Though it was kind of cool that later on they passed along one of their outmoded game systems to my mother who then thoroughly enjoyed playing during her retirement years! 

A Vampire’s Soft Embrace

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorA Vampire’s Soft Embrace

I have been wanting to do this kind of thing for a long time now: Write a novella with a one-week deadline – or close to it!

Happy Valentines Day

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorHappy Valentines Day

I’ve had more fun reading all the Valentine’s Day posts on Facebook and Tumblr. I’ve seen ‘Love’ used in so many different ways, I’m still smiling. 

Surprises in the Garden

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorSurprises in the Garden

Hi, Everyone! This week, I had a few surprises in the garden and that’s always fun. First, I had the most beautiful rose bud bloom while I wasn’t looking. I’d been busy, as you know, cleaning up the flower beds, pruning, getting ready for a nice Spring bloom, when I went out to take pictures for the week.

Weeping Way Too Soon

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorWeeping Way Too Soon

It seems way too early in the process for me to be weeping while I write MASTYR REZ. (Blood Rose Time Travel series, book 1). But my heroine, Holly, does some serious time-traveling about midway through the story and she meets Rez’s mother who died when Rez was a child. She tells Holly to relay a message to Rez. Then suddenly, Rez is in the room, but not as a full-grown man. Mastyr Rez- Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorInstead, he’s a toddler and his mother picks him up. When I saw her, in my mind’s eye, holding the man that is my hero in this book, I lost it.

The Beauty of Winter

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorThe Beauty of Winter 

I have had more personal enjoyment this season hunting for photos that best depict the beauty of winter. This group moved me, especially the first one which is a night photo with clear skies and a wind creating misty clouds of snow here and there. It has a mysterious feel that lends itself to sparking my writerly imagination. 

Dirty Work

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorDirty Work

Welcome to the latest in garden news! Today, I’m sharing my pics from last week in my garden which I call dirty work.