9/16 Excerpt from EMBRACE THE NIGHT

M4 CR shutterstock_69070132We’re one week away from the release of EMBRACE THE NIGHT, the fifth book of the Blood Rose Series, featuring Mastyr Jude of Kellcasse Realm, and his woman, the very human Hannah. She owns a bar at the human earth access point of Port Townsend Washington.  She’s grown up with Realm-folk her entire life and she’s known Mastyr Jude since he gave her piggy-back rides, so how weird is it that she suddenly develops an overwhelming interest in the built-like-a-tank mastyr vampire?

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Yet, Hannah craves Mastyr Jude and the feeling is mutual, one reason it’s soooo hard to stay away from him.

9/15 Manday Hotties!!!

mandayhopbannerAnd we’re back!!!

Manday Hotties is here again and I have some great pics for you to enjoy! And remember, this is a blog hop! So for more wonderful pics, sure to brighten your Monday, click on all the links below! (***Anyone can participate in this weekly blog hop – the more the merrier! For instructions on how to enter: Click here!!!) Also, if you’re wondering where I found my pics, I gathered them from Shutterstock! I’ll be collecting more soon…oh, what a difficult job I have, lol!

9/12 Next up: RAPTURE’S EDGE

shutterstock_129141488Hi, Everyone! Next up and scheduled for a mid-October release, is the third installment of the Dawn of Ascension books:  RAPTURE’S EDGE. 

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2I’ve had so many of my fans ask about Luken, one of the original Warriors of the Blood, and I promise you, his book is coming and it will be big and amazing.  The good news: he’ll be featured slowly and steadily in the next five Dawn of Ascension stories that take several Militia Warriors into a hostile, Third Earth Environment to a place called RAPTURE’S EDGE.  (Slight spoiler alert: Luken’s woman lives on Third Earth…see the drift?!?)

9/11 Inspiration for EMBRACE THE WILD!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, again, everyone! I’ve collected tons of photos, mostly of the Appalachian Mountains, to help me get strong visuals for Ashleaf Realm. EMBRACE THE WILD, book #6 of the Blood Rose series, is a land of mountains and ravines, streams and waterfalls, tree houses, narrow pastures, goats, small gardens, and a wilderness of dense mixed forests.

Here are some photos from Shutterstock that have kept me inspired! Enjoy!

9/10 Blood Rose Tales Box Set!

Blood-Rose-Tales-Box-Set-1Hi, Everyone! If you haven’t read the shorter Blood Rose Tales yet, now you can read all three on your digital device or app without having to open a new file!  The Box Set features:  TRAPPED, HUNGER and SEDUCED.

When I first created the ‘Tales’, I wanted to explore different aspects of the Nine Realms that the longer books only touched on. As with the “Embrace” books, the Blood Rose Tales pose the most essential questions: what of only one woman could meet the blood needs of a mastyr vampire? What would that look like and would our beleaguered heroines even want the job, lol!

9/6 A New World!

shutterstock_131122277Hi, Everyone!  I’ve begun a new journey.  There’s no other way to say it.  I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday and thought I’d just share a few things here.

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2The transition to a strong, digital marketplace has changed the shape of publishing.  For that reason, I’ve felt compelled to enter the arena myself though I admit that I have a business partner who does the covers and formatting so that I can focus on the writing.  It’s been a fabulous partnership and has led to one of the best friendships of my life.


shutterstock_47713849Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m having too much fun!  While EMBRACE THE NIGHT is with my editor, getting ready for its 9/22 release, I’m writing the rough draft for EMBRACE THE WILD, book #6 of the Blood Rose Series. 

EMBRACE THE WILD is Mastyr Malik’s story, of Ashleaf Realm and his woman, Willow, a powerful fae who single-handedly guards an entire wraith colony.  Malik and Willow have one critical thing in common: each has sacrificed so much to keep a lot of realm-folk safe.  But what threatens them the most is their sudden craving for each other.


1 Blood Rose - 1 He's been waitingI have such wonderful news for you.  EMBRACE THE NIGHT is now with my editor and I’m planning to release it on Monday, September 22nd!  EMBRACE THE NIGHT features Mastyr Jude, the biggest of the Realm Mastyrs and his very human Blood Rose, Hannah.

Hannah is a lot of fun, because she owns a bar in Port Townsend — Seattle area — which is the access point to Kellcasse Realm. Hannah, having been around realm-folk her entire life, is super comfortable with Jude, but in the last few months, she’s started lusting after the powerfully built mastyr-of-the-realm and can’t seem to control just how much she wants to jump him! As for Jude, he feels guilty as hell with all the fantasies he’s had about Hannah, the little girl he used to give piggy-back rides to, but who is now way-too-grown-up…

9/2 SEDUCED Contest!!!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2And here we go!  I have a contest just for celebrating the release of SEDUCED with three grand prizes:, each of which includes: a print copy of CHAINS OF DARKNESS, an e-copy of SEDUCED, a small zippered canvas bag, a journal, note cards, a notepad, RTC cards and sticky notes!!! International winner receives gift card compensation!

To enter the contest, check out the Rafflecopter on my CONTEST PAGE!

9/2 SEDUCED is Here!!!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone!  More ‘Blood Rose” fun because SEDUCED is here! 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00040]I’ve had this story percolating for the past three months and finally whipped it into shape.  So, here it is, Blood Rose Tale #3.  I’d meant this to be on the short side, but it’s about double the length of the first tale, TRAPPED.  I think you’ll enjoy this story that features Mastyr Willem as the top criminal agent for the Realm Investigative Unit as he tracks a serial offender with the help of his first-time-date, Charlotte Vail. And of course, Charlotte’s been craving Willem for months now and even spent time on the Realm Internet searching out every blog and article she could find on this powerful mastyr vampire. But when he asks her out on a first date, not only does she discover a profound need to feed the vampire straight from her vein, she also starts experiencing a bizarre connection to his worst, unsolved case.