Fanged Up

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorFanged Up

A couple of weeks ago, I started creating a weekday newsletter for my newsletter subscribers. I call it “Fanged Up”. A total play on words.


Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorButterflies

Today, I wanted to share the subject I chose for this week’s writing inspiration: Butterflies.

Spring Goodness

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorSpring Goodness

Spring goodness is all about bright vibrant color and what is fresh and new. A season of cold and dreariness has passed and it’s a time for creativity to flourish. 

Baby Animals Awww

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorBaby Animals Awww

This week’s writing inspiration took me the opposite direction from last week’s ‘Predator Birds’. I saw a photo of a baby penguin peeking out from between its mama’s feet and I knew I had to hunt for some photos then share them here in Baby Animals Awww. 

This Week in My Garden

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorThis Week In My Garden

Spring is here and this week in my garden was fabulous! My mesquite trees are growing and the two biggest ones are casting much-needed shade for my desert world. You’ll laugh at me, but I saw these strange yellow puff-balls growing on one of the trees and I thought ‘Oh, no! Fungus!’ As it turns out, a quick trip to Google Images showed me I was looking at lots of wonderful blossoms! They’re so cute, but you’d question what they were as well! One of the pictures in the photos below shows them. I probably should try to get an even better close up. We’ll see!

Love and Beauty

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance Author

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to love and beauty, life and romance. I’ve started collecting photos that don’t always fit into one particular category. I’m a romantic at heart, so most of these photos tend to have a sense of love and beauty combined. I enjoy a beautiful still-life as well as any organic setting that somehow, magically, produces a heart. Here are this week’s offerings!

Spring Has Sprung

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorAs many of you know, I collect amazing photos every week for my newsletter. Not too long ago, all those photos featured incredible snowy scenes. 

Now, it’s all about spring flowers and the photographers at Pixabay have outdone themselves. First, check out my latest release, then scroll to soak in some incredible beauty! Spring has sprung!