Winter Animals

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorWinter Animals

Though I live in the desert and our winter is mild, it’s still a lot of fun to watch the sparrows and finches grow rounded and even more adorable looking because they’ve got their ‘winter’ feathers on. Even my mostly indoor cat, Sebastien, increases his beautiful tabby coat this time of year. Fortunately, DH grooms him daily which helps keep the furballs to a minimum! 

Mountains and Forests

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorMountains and Forests

As I was working on MASTYR REZ this week, one of the settings turned out to be the house belonging to the heroine. It sits high in the Tannisford Realm mountains and has an exquisite view of mountains and forests. She designed and built the house herself and comes here to think. 

It Rained

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorIt Rained

For those of you who get even average amounts of rainfall, you probably have no idea how rare rain is in the desert. In fact, it’s so rare that when it comes I’m usually shocked. Afterward, I do a happy dance, smile and clap my hands. But this winter has been particularly ‘wet’ for us. This past week, for the second time this season, we’ve had several days of rain. Unheard of! *Contented Sigh* It rained!

Ready for the Writing

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorREADY FOR THE WRITING

As many of you know, I’ve decided to continue my Blood Rose Series with a sequel series called Blood Rose Time Travel. The name alone will help keep the two series distinct. The first book is called MASTYR REZ. It’s based on a character from EMBRACE THE POWER, the ninth book of the Blood Rose Series and is ready for the writing.

Winter Animals

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorWinter Animals

I love animals. I do. In my lifetime, I’ve had the pleasure of a number of pets including several cats, three dogs and the hope for more in the future. I offer birdseed to the local finches, sparrows and mourning doves not because they need it but because I want to see them in my yard. I grow bushes with lots of trumpet flowers to bring the surprisingly friendly, though often territorial, humming birds around. If I see a jack rabbit in the area, I give a shout. The sight of a coyote slinking off the road and into the brush has me clapping my hands. I love animals.

In My Garden

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorIn My Garden

It’s now January in my garden and for desert life, it’s the dead-of-winter! Can you hear me laughing? Phoenix simply doesn’t have a dead-of-winter. We’ll hit a few thirties this month in our overnight lows and maybe, maybe, if a northern storm comes blasting our way, we might get into the twenties, but that’s rare.