8/21 Blood Flame on its Own!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Welcome to the first installment of the Flame Series, BLOOD FLAME, featuring vampire Border Patrol Officer Connor and the powerful witch, Iris Meldeere. BLOOD FLAME is already part of the DARK AND DAMAGED box set, but is now available on its own! This is the first book set in the world of Five Bridges, where highly addictive flame drugs have turned Phoenix upside down for the last thirty years, and the alter species are locked in a war against powerful drug lords!

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8/13 New Blood Rose Box Set: Books 1-2-3

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone! I’ve boxed up the first three books of the Blood Rose Series in a single set. These books are: EMBRACE THE DARK, EMBRACE THE MAGIC and EMBRACE THE MYSTERY. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed telling each story set in the Blood Rose world in which human, vampire and shifter women find themselves with an amazing gift. Of course it doesn’t mean any of them wanted to be so incredibly blessed! But that’s the journey of life, learning to embrace the unexpected as it comes along and making the most of every minute.

BloodRoseBoxSet_3books_2d_smallThe Blood Rose Box Set: Books 1-2-3

7/18 Excerpt from Love in the Fortress

Bella Media Management Today, I’m posting an excerpt from the first chapter of Love In the Fortress, a companion book to Embrace the Hunt. Both are standalone stories set in the world of the Blood Rose.

Brief Synopsis for Love in the Fortress: Mastyr Vampire Griffin hates his enslavement in Margetta’s fortress. He sought death a thousand times because of it, but was denied when the Ancient Fae brought him back repeatedly, forcing him to train her evil army. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to live, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning than a tortured existence in Margetta’s hidden army camp. But will his growing love for Sandra put her at even greater risk?

7/17 Reviews for Love in the Fortress!!!

Bella Media ManagementHave you read Love In the Fortress yet? A Mastyr Vampire. A beautiful fae-slave. Trapped in a fortress. Can love bloom in the midst of a nightmare? #paranormalromance

The reviews are in for LOVE IN THE FORTRESS!  I’m so grateful for the warm, positive response to Sandra and her mastyr vampire, Griffin. The story pulled together in a truly unique way as well. At first, I was thinking it would be very short, a sort of snapshot about Sandra’s life as a slave working for the Ancient Fae. Then Griffin showed up, *fans face*!!!  Everything changed after that and I knew I had a much bigger  story on my hands! I also hadn’t thought Sandra would be a blood rose. Again, the strength of Griffin’s character made it impossible to resist! And now, here are a few comments about the book!


2-Amethyst-flame-3-shutterstock_51821302Writing today. Second book of my Flame Series.  A vampire and a witch mix it up!  Coming soon…

What I’ve enjoyed about the new series is introducing ghosts into the mix. I have them playing subtle but important roles. I think mostly they serve as mentors and catalysts to help force the hero and heroine to get on with things, to overcome their reticence as they face up to the hardships of living in this tough, unique world of Five Bridges.

7/1 Love in the Fortress is Here!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone! And welcome to LOVE IN THE FORTRESS, Blood Rose Series 8.1. This book is a shorter, companion story to EMBRACE THE HUNT, Blood Rose Series 8.

In this book, you’ll meet Sandra, the fae-slave from EMBRACE THE HUNT, who serves the villainous Ancient Fae in her castle-like fortress in the Dauphaire Mountains.
Sandra plays a critical role in EMBRACE THE HUNT when she delivers a key to the Ruby Fae that enables her to escape her imprisonment.

6/18 Dark and Damaged is Here!!!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone! And welcome to Dark and Damaged: Eight Tortured Heroes of Paranormal Romance! And we are live!!! 8 brand new stories, from 8 of the hottest PNR authors around! Now available for a limited time at $.99!

DarkAndDamaged_3DBundle_200pxDark and Damaged: Eight Tortured Heroes of Paranormal Romance

5/25 Embrace the Hunt!!!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone! I have great news. Embrace the Hunt, the 8th installment of the Blood Rose Series, is now available. From the time I first dreamed up the idea that only one woman could ease the sufferings of a mastyr vampire, I envisioned 9 books total. This is the next to the last book, which makes it a poignant experience for me. I’ve lived with these tortured men for years and soon, the war against the terrible Margetta will be brought to a close.

In EMBRACE THE HUNT, we meet Mastyr Ian and the Ruby Fae, Regan, as they join together to do their own part in saving the Nine Realms from the dreaded Invictus.  Here are the details!

4/20 Beauty By a Stream

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone! I’ve been taking my inspiration these days from the blogs on Tumblr. I find I’ve been following blogs that either have to do with the forest or with some form of country life. I love pics of crocheted work, flower arrangements, and linens with lace.

These things inspire me. I go back and forth from the pictures to whatever book I’m working on. Right now, I’m editing a short read as a companion to Embrace the Hunt, the 8th book in the Blood Rose Series. The heroine in this short novella is a captive in a stone fortress in the mountains. That may be one reason I’m drawn to all these lovely photos of the forest, of moss, of stone bridges and of streams.

3/28 “Veiled” Is Here!!!

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone! VEILED is finally here, the sequel to AWAKENING and here are the details!

Veiled is part of my Guardians of Ascension series and continues the journey of Rachel and Duncan and the black ops team of Second Earth. In many ways, each episode is a standalone story, but reading the series in order is highly recommended.