It’s Cold In My Garden

Photo of Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorIN MY GARDEN

It’s cold in my garden during the early morning hours. I checked the weather for next few days and it’s time to start watching for freeze-warnings. My Indian laurels in particular are low-temp intolerant. The main protection is to water them in well the night before. But as I looked at the forecast, though we don’t have anything at 32 degrees and lower, our overnights will be in the high thirties. Ouch.

Editing, Pace and Goals

Caris Roane - Paranormal Romance AuthorEditing, Pace and Goals

I’m editing the last two chapters of REVEALED, which means I’m coming down to the finish line. It’s always a temptation to try to speed things up, especially toward the end. But I work hard to stay the course, to keep shaping every last sentence and word until I’ve reached THE END. Literally.

The Flu and Odd Dreams

Caris Roane Photo - Paranormal Romance AuthorI can’t decide if I’ve hated having the flu this week or if I’m grateful because it has benefited my writing brain in ways I can’t define but are really there. Today’s post is reflected in the title: The Flu and Odd Dreams!

Yes, I’ve been sick … so sick. I didn’t continue my editing on REVEALED, though I occasionally worked on the plot of the next book. I’ve lost a week and that causes my skin to crawl. I hate falling behind.

Lovely Bits and Pieces

Photo of Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorHi, Everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’ve called my blog, Lovely Bits and Pieces, because it aptly describes the tail end of my editing experience with every book.

As many of you know, I’m deep into the editing part of the novel-creating process for REVEALED, the third book of the Rapture’s Edge Series (part of my Guardians of Ascension series.) This book will bring Warrior Duncan and his gifted woman, Rachel, to a long-awaited and hard-won Happily Ever After.

In My Garden

Photo of Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorHow things have changed! It’s now October in my garden and most of the plants are in the ground. I have only a handful left, a couple of Italian cypresses, some lantana and Mexican heather. Not much, compared to mid-summer. 

In My Garden – Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorI’m sure it’s partially the beautiful October light, but I swear my garden has never looked prettier. I was able to plant my butterfly bush — finally! — in the hole from which I’d removed the triangle rock. Unfortunately, I forgot about the well I left behind and didn’t pack it in firmly enough and the plant now sits at an angle. Ugh! I think I may have to dig it back up and put some soil down there. With a garden, there’s always something.

Weeping Again … In a good way!

Photo of Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorHi, Everyone! Yup, I’m Weeping Again…in a good way! I’m now editing at a clipping pace on REVEALED, the third book of the Rapture’s Edge Saga. This always happens at about this point in the novel-creating process for me. I’ll go along just fine, writing scene after scene. But when I start editing, I’m so fully engaged with the story that when a character weeps, I shed my tears as well. It’s nuts, yet wonderful and even necessary. After all, if I’m not moved by my books, you won’t be either.

REVEALED - Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorREVEALED is moving swiftly now as I chip away at each paragraph, adding bits that are missing and removing what’s not needed. I’ll be working on a scene then hit a rut in which it’s clear to me that something’s missing. These moments can be tough when better transitions are needed. I usually type in a note-to-self as in <give me more here> or some such, so that when I pick up the next day I can remember what the heck I was doing.

Here is the Latest with My Garden

The Latest with my GardenHi, Everyone! Here is the latest with my garden!

Today, I’m sharing some pics from my garden, the place of respite and joy and fun for me. Each morning, though the midday temps are high now in the desert, they’re reasonable at dawn. I head out around five am, shovel in hand, and dig in the dirt. Sometimes physical labor is what the spirit needs!

EMBRACE THE POWER is Now Available!

Caris Roane Paranormal Romance Author Inspiration for EMBRACE THE POWERHi, wonderful fans! EMBRACE THE POWER, the ninth and final book of the Blood Rose Series, is now available at Amazon and Google Play. I’ll soon have links for Kobo, Barnes & Noble as well as iBooks. The process of setting up accounts and getting the file approved has taken longer than expected. So, as soon as I have more links, I’ll post them here as well.

For now, here is what I have!
Embrace the Power Paranormal Romance
Embrace the Power: Blood Rose Series 9

REVEALED Almost Ready to Go

REVEALED Almost Ready to GoHi, Everyone! Because I’m nearing the finish line with EMBRACE THE POWER, my heart has begun turning in the direction once more of my winged warrior vampires! Which means, REVEALED Almost Ready to Go! For those of you who have read AWAKENING and VEILED, you’ll recall that the Special Ops Forces have landed on Third Earth and have sought shelter in a man-made massive canyon forged through the center of Phoenix Three. The fantasy of those canyons became my focus today!

So I went on a hunt for some pics that reflected what I’ve seen in my head since beginning the RAPTURE’S EDGE part of the ongoing series.  Here are the pics I found from the wonderful royalty-free site, Pixabay!

In The Garden This Week

In My Garden This WeekHi, Everyone! Thought I’d share an update, me, in the garden this week!

This week in my garden, my DH got a big portion of our drip system hooked up. This relieved me of the watering chore which meant I got to spend more time digging! Yay! The result? I almost got this bed completely done! It’s in the north part of the yard attached to what we’re laughingly calling the ‘druid circle’. (Yes, cuz of the rocks, haha!) Shaping this bed was a very satisfying artistic experience.