Some of you know this about me because I’ve mentioned it in my newsletter, but as a child, I played with fire, literally. When we lived in rural northern California, in redwood country, bonfires were a regular occurrence. One of our neighbors had large fires in their front yard and the kids were allowed to get close and play with the embers even as the fire burned. I loved it. To this day, it’s one of my favorite memories.

As with other blogs, like ‘doors’ and ‘water mills’, I’m always fascinated by invention. Who do you suppose made the first fire or cooked meat or fish over a campfire? The latter were probably our first chefs, even if they wore animal skins instead of white aprons.

Mostly though, I find fire to be beautiful. The flames, the sparks, the glowing embers, the crackle of the wood, the smell of the smoke. All is a feast for the senses.

I had to hunt for this video and I admit it’s not the most elegant, but what these guys did by creating a tornado of fire, in a metal tub surrounded by a bunch of box fans, is absolutely fascinating.

Remember the Burning Bush? There is actually a plant called Dictamnus that, because it creates methane gas, will burn without ‘burning’ in brief flashes. Check out this video here and another one here.

FunFacts about Fire (Source) (Source) (Source)

  • A natural gas vent at Baba Gurgur in northern Iraq has been burning for millennia. It was mentioned in the writings of Plutarch, Herodotus and in the Book of Daniel in the Bible. (Source)
  • In an ironic twist, the patent for the fire hydrant was lost in a fire.
  • The inventor, John Walker, used a stick to stir a pot containing antimony sulfide, potassium chlorate & sulfur. This mixture stuck to the stick and when he tried to scrape the lumpy concoction off the stick, it caught fire because of the friction. The match was born.
  • Fire requires fuel, oxygen and heat to burn.
  • The flame of a candle burns at around 1000 degrees Celsius (1800 Fahrenheit).

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21 thoughts on “Fire

  1. The images are stunning, especially the horse.

    I grew up in the countryside. The only way to get rid of rubbish at the time was to burn it. When I was old enough my father would let me light the fire. We would stand and watch until the fire burned right down and out. As beautiful as it is fire is deadly.

  2. I have always loved looking into the flame of a fire and enjoy sitting in front of my fireplace deep in the winter. The picture of the fire horses is outstanding.

  3. The photos are intense.

    I have a few of those burning bushes you mentioned. I’ll have to watch them more closely for the burned effect.
    Presently, they are a brilliant red, with small red berries that the birds love.

    Actually, fear of fire, is one of my four phobias. As with the others it’s not feeling that one has control over the situation.
    It’s the main reason airline pilots won’t allow me to help fly the planes! They can be very ungrateful refusing my assistance. Now with the doors always closed while boarding, they are able to avoid my kind offers. LOL

    • Sandra,
      You MUST get someone to use a lighter and see if your Dictamnus will light up! I am so curious to know if yours will perform as the ones on the video.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  4. The existence of an actual burning bush floored me. I have had the other kind of bush, the one that has flame red foliage, but it would be fun to have one of these, too. The video was interesting. The plant and its flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. I love to watch a fire as it burns. The dance of the flames, the different colors that come and go.
    It is amazing to me how necessary forest fires are for regeneration and new life.

  6. Beautiful images. I grew up similarly. We would have big bonfire gatherings and I find watching a fire burn relaxing, candles, fire place, wood stove…

  7. Love the fire horse! I grew up living in suburb of Chicago.. so no fires there. Living in GA now, i love the smell of fires and bonfires.

  8. ON MY GOSH!! The horse is totally awesome!!!!. I never thought you would be able to do something like that. I also never knew there was a flower that made methane gas. Thank you for the information.I learn something new everyday from your post.

  9. Sitting around the campfire ,poking it with sticks is one of my favorite past times. I like the picture of the horse on fire. I have seen a dragon picture like that but now can’t remember where. Her is Central California there is a lot of state parks to camp in. Thank you!

  10. While I love a bonfire and even a fireplace I can’t stand fire in any other form that is physical. Candles, matches, lighters, all of those things evoke a negative reaction from me. I can’t pinpoint why but have some theories. The pictures, however, are beautiful.

  11. Isn’t it amazing how we get drawn in to fire? I played with it too as a kid but my gramps kept an eye on my brother and me. Love the horse :). Living in Ohio.

  12. Great pictures and the video is amazing! Now I want to roast hot dogs and make s’mores! A great fire and the hot dogs/s’mores were always my perfect birthday celebration. Just moved to the foothills of the Smokies in TN, and can finally have my perfect celebrations again!

    • Kay,
      You are blessed! Go make those s’mores. They were one of my favorite campfire desserts, no doubt. Yum!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  13. I love looking at fire, but for some unknown reason I have a severe fear of not fires, but of my house burning down and taking all of my memories of my mother and other deceased family memories with it. Not sure why, but it is a major phobia lol. Those are really cool photos. My hubby was a bit of a pyromaniac as a child lol!

  14. Fascinating! Loved the video. Totally awesome! The burning bush – really? Wow!

    I, too, have always enjoyed a good campfire. The tall tales that got told. The singing. Just staring into the fire. Spent many an evening doing this. Fond memories. Thank you.

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