Fantasy Landscapes

Fantasy Landscapes

This is a fun post for me today. I’m fascinated by what goes on in the minds of visual artists. I enjoy creating my book covers, but I haven’t really explored doing the kinds of fantasy landscapes that I’ve included in the blog today. 

Fantasy Landscapes is meant to be a visual feast, so lets get to it!

(Photos from Pixabay…)

Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy Landscapes



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I hope you enjoyed these photos. Be sure to keep scrolling to leave a comment for the weekly prize draw. Details below!

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***This week’s giveaway is now closed***! 

August Winner: Marie S.

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And tell us where you’re from! I’m from Buckeye, Arizona, not far from Phoenix. (That’s the Desert Southwest, USA.)

Above all: Live the fang!!!

32 thoughts on “Fantasy Landscapes

  1. Hello from country QLD. It’s mid winter but more like an English summer this year. Global warming is all too real.

    My daughter tends to find amazing landscapes like these to use as her screen saver.

    I do not have an artistic bone in my body, so truly admire the work of others with talent.

    • Mary,
      Hello to Queensland! Your weather sounds heavenly. Here in the desert we have our lovely August humidity and heat, heat, heat! I’ll trade you, lol!

  2. I’m not very artistic, but I love art! All types of media. My favorite pics are the one with the wolf with the stony background and the one with the shell. I wanted to let you know I got my bracelet! Thank you so much! I’ll PM you on Facebook too!

    • Shannon,
      I think the one with the shell is my favorite as well. I have no idea what it means. I guess I think it’s sort of a ‘what if’…what if there was a world like this?

      Glad you got your bracelet! I hope you enjoy wearing it. I wear mine all the time!

  3. I enjoy visual art/landscapes. I usually have them as wallpaper on my computers. I even found some 3d ones. I am not artistic at all.

  4. I certainly cannot draw much more than a stickman or woman, so I truly admire those who are blessed with this ability. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same? Thank heaven we are not! Great pics.

    • Nancy,
      I agree completely! Very boring, indeed! I think if I cloned myself, I’d never want me around, lol! Variety is the spice of life…

  5. Checking in from Minnesota. I am currently on a Fantasy Landscape binge. I have been finding them everywhere, including Pinterest. They are very inspiring. I wish I could make my own but that isn’t going to happen.

    • Amy,
      Those who create love to share, so that what we can’t create because we don’t have the gift, we can take in vicariously. I’m on okay cook. But my father-in-law had a gift. The dinners that man could create. He was amazing. I was blessed that I could enjoy a level of cuisine I wouldn’t have otherwise. I think it’s part of what makes us a community, all of humankind. We give, we take, we give a little more. We share our thoughts on a blog-post!

  6. To me, the landscapes are eerily beautiful, out of this world. But I’ve seen some landscapes in Japan that are really awesome.

  7. To quote a favorite character, “Fascinating.” I adore visual art like this. So beautiful. So inspiring. So magical. All of these pictures are wondrous. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    I do not work in this medium, (I play in the thread arts.) but my daughter has. So talented, but she only dabbles for her own pleasure. Fortunately, she does share it with me on occasion. I treasure each piece she shares with me.

  8. I wish I was artistic. My sister-in-law can draw anything she wants.I would especially love to be able to paint!!! Unfortunately there isn’t a artistic bone in my body. I don’t know where I was when the Good Lord was handing it out lol. I love the last picture with the full moon over that beautiful lake. Everyone have a great day

  9. Holy cow. They are amazing. I especially like the polar bear standing on the rock formation .

    My mind is too dull to create such fantasies in my noggin.

    It must be very satisfying to have artistic talent.

    • Sandra,
      In my next life, I want to paint and paint and paint… For now, I’ll write and write and write lol! I feel blessed…

  10. Amazing pictures! The imagination is truly a marvelous thing and I’m in awe of the talent it takes to create these types of places (both in print and picture)!

  11. Cool and fantastic landscapes. Love the second one. Wish I could paint ones like these-the colors are just gorgeous!!

  12. the art reminds me of a friend I knew in high school and college. he’s a visual artist and started his own advertising and marketing firm.

    I’m from the Mid-Atlantic: Born in PA, raised in DE, and now live in MD.


  13. I think that I am a very visual person. I like to arrange things in a way that appeals to me. Nothing like the fantasy landscapes that you included. Just objects in my home and decorating for different holidays.

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