We can all use a bit of adorableness in our lives. So, for today’s post, I had to share a few Funfacts about ducklings as well as a bunch of wonderful photos.

The only ducks I’ve ever seen have been at municipal parks with small lakes. The ducks, of course, come paddling over quickly to see if you were smart to bring some bread to share. Most often I did because I wanted to engage with the web-footed creatures. Loved every moment of it.

Here’s one of those videos you hear about: A mother cat, having given birth to kittens, also corrals three newly-hatched ducklings to join her brood. Video I loved this real-life story of different species bonding, though I was stunned to see the ducks actually nursing on the mother cat. But ducks are omnivores and have a variety of foods they’ll eat like ‘grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects, small amphibians, worms, and small molluscs’. (Source)

FunFacts about Ducklings (Source)

  • Ducklings are covered with down when born and are able to walk and leave the nest within a few hours of hatching.
  • As soon as a duckling’s down is dry after hatching, the baby duck can go in the water.
  • In the water, ducklings will trail after their mother. They’ll also trail on dry land.
  • The mother duck, called a hen, will lead the newly hatched ducklings as far as a half-mile to find a good water source for swimming and feeding.
  • To prepare her nest for her ducklings, a hen plucks feathers from her chest to line and insulate her nest. The de-feathering of her chest will also allow her to transmit body heat more efficiently to her eggs.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

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October Winners: Marie S. and Karen M.

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25 thoughts on “Ducklings

  1. We have ducks at the local park. I always detour through the park when the ducklings hatch. Real ”time wasters”. Seriously cute. I love how protective the mother ducks are.

  2. I, like you, have only been around the ducks in our local park pond. We use to bring day old bread to feed them. I just love the way the ducklings follow their mother trusting her to bring them to safety. Love all the pictures above. Thanks for the fun facts.

  3. In Minnesota we have a big population of wood ducks. They nest in tall trees and we often see them sitting on higher branches. Their eyes are blood red, but the male wood duck is beautiful. They have stunning feather patterns and colors, not to mention the crest on the males heads. Until I moved to Minnesota I had never heard of a duck that nests in trees. I was surprised the first time I saw it and thought something was wrong with the poor bird. Oops! Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Amy,
      I had no idea there was a breed of duck that nested in trees! I think that’s fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  4. Perfect amount of cuteness for a Monday morning! Baby ducklings are just so adorable! My sister-in-law has a little farm and this summer there was plenty of babies – ducks, chicks, goats, puppies, and kittens.

  5. What a sweet way to start my day. Not only ducklings, but kittens too. 😀 Thank you. I needed the smile. Yes, we had a duck or two on are farm. Not my favorite animal. They tended to be a bit more aggressive than the chickens.

    But, as an adult, my experiences were a bit different. When I lived in Washington state there were duck crossing signs on some of the roads. It was the funniest thing. We were stopped so ducks – and ducklings – could cross the street. It seemed strange since ducks were Oregon’s mascot. 😀 But Washington watched out for them too.

    At a job I had on the back corner of a warehouse, there was a mother duck with her hatchlings trailing behind that waddled by every day for a bit. Then one day she was alone and came up to the door quacking away. I don’t know what happened to the ducklings, but it seemed like the hen was asking if I had seen them. She did that for a day or so and then she too disappeared. It was an interesting experience.

  6. Like Pansy Petal, I’ve stopped my car many times here in NC so mama duck and her babies could cross the road.
    Made darn sure that the other lane also stopped.

    In the spring, I drive to the next town over that has a small farm supply store.
    It’s the only time you can see the baby chicks and ducklings for sale.
    If they stayed little I would buy a couple for pets.

  7. I have never raised ducklings, but think it would be a hoot 😀 All the pictures were great and super cute. We used to go to the park in town and feed the ducks/ducklings when I was little. Thinking back… I miss that.

  8. P.$.
    I watched the video which was amazing.
    But duck bills clamping on and nursing?
    Ouch, ouch, ouch.
    Nipple clamps have to take a backseat to that.

  9. love the ducklings, but yeah you have to be wary around mama ducks, they will attack! came close to getting attacked once, she started flapping wings and squawking at me, i got too close

  10. I see you snuck what looks like a gosling into your lineup! How adorable all these little ones are. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Merrie,
      I admit I don’t know my animals on sight as well as I should. I went back and looked and I still don’t know which would be the gosling! A fan posted a picture of a calf and a lamb at a water trough and I thought they were both goats. I think I might need better glasses, lol!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  11. Can’t pick one photo, love them all. I’ve never raised ducks, but my daughter has. They are so adorable as ducklings!! Watched the video and couldn’t believe it, the cat taking care of the ducklings, how amazing!!

  12. I love the photo of the duckling on it’s momma’s back ;). I’ve never raised them but my neighbor has 4 and they love my husband. They spend most days over here. He gives them corn and they dig up grubs ;).
    Live in NE Ohio.

  13. We have ducks at our park down the street. I know now not to feed them bread! Love photo #11 which is the way i always see them (GA)

  14. Well I think I have seen almost everything now lol !!. Never saw a. duck nurse a cat before. Baby ducks are so adorable. We love across the road from a lake so we get to see ducks and geese quite often. But not do they hurt if one gets a hold of you !! Thank you for the pictures

  15. I had to chase a Canada gosling out of my garage. The neighbor’s dog had chased it into my garage, and the tweener neighbor girls (they’re now college grads) were hysterical and hindering my job. Finally, I grabbed a blanket out the minivan, managed to toss it over the gosling so I could scoop it up and get it out of the garage.


  16. I currently have 2 Pekin ducks. I have had others on the past. We’d get them at a local feed store as ducklings and we’d keep them in a bin and the tub for the first 3 months till they got their downy feathers and then they can go outside. My favorite was Corky..he would try and get on the bus with my kids!! He;d come in the house and eat dry food with the cats, curl up with the dog, follow me all over!!

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