Clock Towers

Clock Towers

Time. Deep breath or big sigh. Take your pick. Time governs us all. 

Over the last few months, I’ve started using a simple timer while I work. It tells me when to stop and it tells me to hurry up because I’m running out of time for whatever task I’m performing. 

TimeThe reason? I’ve taken on several big projects over the past year-and-a-half. My newsletter is one of them, this blog is another and my giveaway endeavor with Felicity Heaton and Best Romance Author Giveaways is a third. Add to that my continual need to stay connected to my latest book and we’re talking t-i-m-e. So, a timer it is. To be honest, it works very well for me and helps me move from one project to the next with a fair amount of ease.

Clock towers have helped entire communities stay on task. Or at the very least provided a means of bringing villages, towns and cities together in times of need. 

Here are a few FunFacts about Clock Towers (source):

  • One of the earliest known clock tower is the Tower of the Winds in Athens. It has 8 sundials and one water clock. (See the public domain photo on Wikipedia.)
  • Before the 1950’s, most people didn’t have watches. Before the 1700’s most people didn’t have clocks in their homes.
  • Clock towers started as striking clocks that sounded the hours with a bell or a gong. The hours were struck with their number: one for one o’clock, two strikes for two o’clock, etc.
  • Clock towers were placed in or near the center of a community and were frequently the tallest structures around.
  • Eventually, dials were placed on the outside, often on all four faces of a square tower, to allow the townspeople to read the time at will.
  • The tallest free-standing clock tower in the world is the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower at the University of Birmingham, UK.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)








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And tell us where you’re from! I’m from Buckeye, Arizona, not far from Phoenix. (That’s the Desert Southwest, USA.)

Above all: Live the fang!!!

36 thoughts on “Clock Towers

  1. I’ve seen Big Ben and St. Mark’s and they are lovely but I must say all the photos are impressive. In my younger days, I used to wake up to the crowing of the cock!

    • Tamsyn,
      You are very fortunate to have seen them both. I’ve seen Big Ben, but I haven’t been to Italy. As for roosters at dawn, was it a pleasant way to wake up??? Or did you put your pillow over your ears?

  2. The clock tower in our town, at the Town Hall, is not nearly as impressive as these. Functional best suits.

    The clock tower at the Kremlin is my favourite here.

  3. We have a clock tower at city hall in Springfield, but it does not gong at all. I love the St. Mark clock tower in Venice, just something about the stars and the zodiac symbols.

    • The color is so beautiful. Most clocks don’t have this kind of color. I wonder what inspired the original designer…

    • Susan,
      Prior to the machine-age, there were mechanical artisans, a phrase I love. These were gifted types who could fashion all kinds of tools for every purpose imaginable. The new age has given us so much, but these artisans no longer exist.If our computerized/electric world ever fails, these are the people we will need the most!

  4. Time is the one thing we all have in common across all barriers. How we it it is what is so individualistic. Big Ben is amazing in person.

  5. As I read this, our local “clock tower” chimed the quarter hour. Here in my small town in mid-western Michigan the “clock tower” is also the Catholic church’s bell tower. Not only do we get the hour “bonged” for us, but chimes at the quarter, half, and three quarter hour. At noon and seven pm (Last chimes of the day) there is also a selection of three hymns. It is really quiet beautiful and I have grown rather fond of it. Guess that is a good thing since I live about two blocks from it. No clock face as been added. Not needed really. There is an electronic bill board with time and temp across the street at city hall. Not as pretty or charming as the church, but effective. The old and the new working together. The joys of small town living.

    • Pansy,
      What a picture you painted! I love all the details and the hymns at specific times. I think it could be a real comfort and maybe even a timer of it’s own: I’ll take the cake out of the oven when it chimes the three-quarter hour… Do you ever do that?

      • LOL not yet. The oven doesn’t work. *sigh* However, it does seem that when I hear the seven pm hymns, my old body seems to think it is time for bed. I don’t remember ever going to bed that early before, but these days I am. The joys of getting old.

        • Whatever the case, I can’t imagine a better way to go to bed! The best I get is sometimes the coyotes howl late at night down at the playground, lol!

  6. I like the clock tower in Switzerland the most of all the pictures. I have never seen any of those in person, unfortunately. There is a beautiful clock tower in my town of Faribault, Minnesota.

  7. The St. Marks clock is my favorite .
    The colors are so brilliant.

    Here in my corner of NC we don’t have any clocks attached to buildings that I know of.

    There are a couple of clocks in the historic district that have tall black wrought iron poles with a huge clock on the top. Much like the days of yore.

    I wonder how different our lives would be if we didn’t allow clocks to rule our days. Or would there be chaos because of our technological age?

    Shoot! Now I have to research how daily lives we’re lived before the advent of clocks and if they were so tightly controlled and I really don’t have the time. LOL

    • Sandra,
      You made me laugh…you really don’t have the time, lol! These old structure and remnants of days gone by, really make you think, though, don’t they? What was it like…

    • Merrie,
      That would probably make a beautiful picture book, town by town, with each clock-tower. Bet you wish you could go back!

  8. What awesome clock towers but have never seen the above ones in person 🙁 My favorites is St Mark’s in Venice, that is just gorgeous and the coloring is beautiful. I have seen some traveling through Germany went I went there for a visit. Also, in Interlaken, Switzerland there is a clock made mostly of flowers – just beautiful!

  9. I love the St. Marks clock tower face! The colors and beautiful! We also have a clock tower in our town on the college campus. It’s simple compared to these others but its still beautiful!

  10. Clock towers are just some of the most beautiful works of art. It doesn’t hurt that they are functional and serve an important purpose either. I learned how to make a sun dial while watching the show with Bear Grylls. The one were he survives in the wild with nothing, but the bare minimum. Anyways, I attempted to make one while camping and it actually worked haha…go me! Give me some sticks and rocks and whallah!

      • Haha yeah well maybe not a super survivor like him, but I did learn a lot from that show lol. He once said if you get lost in the woods and need to find north, just look at the trees that have moss on them. Moss only grows on the north side of the trees. It actually helped my husband and myself one time .

          • For sure! I have to admit, I never went to any blog before. I kind of thought them to be a waste of time, but that is only because I didn’t understand what they were really. I am so glad I visited yours, because I like the community feel and all of the really interesting things that we talk about here. It is topics I would not normally be talking about. Thanks!

  11. I’ve seen the one in Philly. I have a photo of it, too.

    The courthouse in town has chimes, I can hear it sometimes on a quiet day. we used to live a few miles away, and the local Catholic church bell chimes could be heard near that home. In town, they have freestanding Victorian style clocks in a few places. There is a big insurance company in our little town which has a large Georgian-style brick building and a clock on it, but no chimes.

    When my brother was young, he was in AI duPont Institute for a rare orthopedic disease (now Nemours DuPont Children’s Hospital). The grounds are part of a former duPont estate–a lot of the former duPont estates became museums/gardens in DE/PA. When we visited, my other brother and I couldn’t visit him in the room, but we were allowed on the grounds which contained a beautiful bell tower, aka carillon, which is not the same as a clock tower, but it did play beautiful music. It’s also a mausoleum with an elevator. And, it’s pink.


    • Denise,
      You made me so envious. I feel like I’ve missed a wonderful life experience by not being around a clock tower or a church with a bell or a carillon like the hospital had, as you said. Being from California and Arizona, here in the West, it’s been a very different growing-up culture than the East or the Midwest.

      • You have different architectural features there which we don’t have here. The desert landscape. So many things to appreciate. Culture influences from different tribes of Native Americans, Vast open spaces. Full sky of sun. Desert blooms. 🙂

  12. I admire the way you manage your time. I seem to always be busy, but at the end of the day I don’t feel that I see much of a result.

    • Karen,
      You have no idea how often I feel the same way! I work hard at what I do, but honestly, I have to keep lists of the things I do each day or I question if I’ve gotten enough done to really accomplish my goals. It’s kind of a never-ending process for me. Right now, I have my timer on my right and I’m going back and forth between writing Emerald Flame and my browser where most of my chores wait for me, one after the other, endlessly. Let me know if you figure out a way to see the results you want. I’m always open to new ideas! 🙂

  13. I have been fortunate to see the clocks in London and Venice as well as the Glockenspiel in Munich. Towers are a sight to see, different structures than what is found in the average city.

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