Oh, prepare to experience severe cravings, those of you who love chocolate. I admit I don’t comprehend at all anyone who doesn’t adore the wonder that is the cacao bean. When I wrote Regency Romance many years ago, the heroines of well-to-do families would start their day with hot chocolate. This may be the real reason I wrote Regencies, lol. I could relate to the love and pleasure of it. Is chocolate one of your guilty pleasures or are you indifferent?

This is a fascinating 9-minute video featuring home-grown cacao beans and the process of making chocolate bars. Here’s a 4-minute video on making creme de cacao. Awesome. Here’s a fabulous 6-minute video on making an exquisite, very chocolate-y, three-layer cake!

FunFacts about Chocolate: (Source) (Source)  

  • Basic Information, quote: Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other foods. The earliest evidence of use traces to the Olmecs (Mexico), with evidence of chocolate beverages dating to 1900 BC. The majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Maya and Aztecs. (Source)
  • Cacao seeds or beans are fermented, dried and usually roasted before use.
  • Currently, west Africa produces two-thirds of the world’s cocoa.
  • In 2007, about 50 million people the world over depended on cocoa as a significant source of income.
  • The chemical component of chocolate that can cause poisoning in some animals, like cats and dogs, is called theobromine. This same ingredient can cause heartburn in humans.
  • The Aztecs considered chocolate an aphrodisiac.
  • Chocolate is a solid energy source.
  • The Swiss consume the most chocolate per person in the world.
  • In 1842, Cadbury (English) created the first chocolate bar.
  • The amount of caffeine in chocolate bars is only a fraction of what’s found in a cup of coffee.

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Closed ***

We have a winner! Congrats Marie S.!!!

July Winners: Becky W., Sherdina A., Linda K. and Kim C.!!!

June Winners: Mary M., Amy S., Mary P., and Suzi D!

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45 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. I hate to admit it, but I’m one of the strange people who don’t like chocolate. I will say that I enjoy drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream on top on a cold day!

  2. I love chocolate. I have some kind of chocolate everyday. I enjoyed watching the videos especially making the three layer chocolate cake. Looking at the pictures make me want to go make some kind of chocolate dessert.

  3. I can say no to chocolate when I am out shopping for groceries, not in my trolley thank you, but if it’s on offer I will enjoy.

  4. How beautiful! I just went on a chocolate binge at the store yesterday! Have to have a stash at all times.

  5. We visited Hersey PA, and of course had to visit the chocolate factory. My son recently found rum chocolate and it is good. Caramel is my favorite. My husband brought home Chocolate salted caramel ice cream, just for me. He is sooooo wonderful!!!!

  6. OMG I need a big slab of chocolate right now. I have a huge cup of coffee so this would make me happy…lol

  7. The hot chocolate photograph has just made me go and make one. Mine doesn’t look as good as the picture but takes great!

  8. I love eating a fudge brownie at 6 in the morning lol! That’s my guilty pleasure haha. That’s probably why I fluctuate so much with my weight, but I just love chocolate in the early morning.

  9. I love chocolate! I even make chocolate candies sometimes from high quality candy melts–not the ones from the craft store–and use molds. I can also make homemade peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cherries, coconut bonbons, and other chocolate treats.

    I’ve been to Hershey–when I was a little girl, you could still go to the real factory, but now they have a fancy Chocolate World. I think it opened in the late 70s? But, they’ve gone crazy with it in the past several years. That’s where I get my Hershey’s Golden Almond bars–can’t buy them retail in stores anymore.

    I also have been to the former Wilbur chocolate factory in Lititz, PA. They’re famous for the Wilbur buds–they taste so good and gave lots of samples. They closed the factory a few years ago, but they kept the factory store.

    There are a few chocolatiers nearby, but they don’t allow you to see them work.

    Our town had a chocolate festival for a few years.

    denise from maryland

  10. There aren’t enough words in any language to describe the joyous wonders of chocolate.

    No matter the form in which it’s used…a rose by any other name….

    Yum, yum, yum.

  11. While I’m not much of a chocolate person myself, I do appreciate the artistry of these talented chefs. The chocolate confectioners truly create works of art.

    Peg from Indiana

  12. I love chocolate. My granddaughter who will be 3 Saturday won’t hardly touch it. I visited the Hershey World in Pennsylvania several years ago. It was awesome. I like white chocolate or the special dark chocolate from hersheys.. I have to have a Hershey bar each day lol. The 1st video was very interesting.

  13. I love chocolate! Because it’s fermented and contains milk I can’t currently tolerate it but I’m working on healing. I gotta have my chocolate, yum

  14. Oh, my lands, so not fair! Those pictures are extremely yummy, I want chocolate. Every time I watch either Willy Wonka movie, I have to have chocolate. The only way I won’t consume chocolate is if it’s mixed with some hint of coffee, I do not like coffee.

    Enterprise, AL

  15. I’m actually not much of a chocolate person. I like it, but I usually go for citrus inspired desserts. I do love a dense chocolate cake though!

  16. I crave chocolate. It’s my “drug” of choice. Unfortunately, it triggers my migraines and makes me itch. Sometimes it’s worth it. My favorites of your photos are the first and the last.

  17. I find it to be absolutely horrible that people can actually be allergic to chocolate! I have two nieces that break out in hives whenever they just touch it a little.

  18. I have to admit this was one of my favorite set of photos: Chocolate in so many forms. Time to celebrate!

    Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to share your thoughts, preferences and your stories.

    Reading your comments, even if I can’t respond to them all, is one of the highlights of my day. A writer’s life can become very insular. So, when I read your anecdotes, I smile, I wonder, I laugh at times, and mostly just savor.

    Hugs all around,
    Buckeye Arizona USA

  19. I love chocolate!. I keep a stash hidden at my house. When my two nephews come over I take them to the stash and we secretly and in hush tones get some. It is a fun game I play with them and they seem to like it very much.

  20. OMG!! I can NOT not walk into a chocolate shop and spend like a week’s pay!! The stuff they come up with is so interesting..I have to have one of each! THEN, I have to hide it when I get home!! It’s great to get the fancy ones for guests at a small dinner party too!

  21. The pictures are fantastic. I love the way chocolate candies always are presented so well. My favorite is dark chocolate.

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