Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

As I wrote this post, my cat, Sebastien, was lying nearby in a deep sleep and dreaming. He wasn’t exactly growling. It was more like a growling conversation he was holding with some imaginary creature in his dreams. I thought it apt that my muse would fall asleep to inspire this post, lol!

I’ve had cats all my life. I’ve loved the comfort they’ve brought to what can be at all stages of life a troubling existence. I don’t know what I would have done without the bond and affection a pet brings.

Cats and Kittens SleepingI’ve had both cats and dogs and loved them all. I’ve grieved the loss of each of them as well. I have only one cat now, a tabby who I often call ‘Puppy’ because he sticks close. DH and I are his pack. 

He’s a typical cat and sleeps at least twice as much as I do. But that’s fine with me. It just means I get to reach and out pet him, watch him wake and smile at me, then fall back to sleep. My favorite way he sleeps is when he’s on his back. It’s such a position of trust and for that reason alone I love it.

When he’s sleeping or dozing, he’s excellent company especially when I’m working on a book, designing a newsletter or finishing a blog. As I type this, he’s in a doze right now. His tail is twitching with his ear hooked in my direction. But he’s still getting his much-needed rest.

FunFacts about Cats and Kittens Sleeping: (Source) (Source)

  • Cats doze often. This is a state between awake and deep sleep. Cats can get a lot of the rest they need while dozing. You can tell if a cat is merely dozing because their tails will often twitch, their ears will rotate to take in sounds, and their eyes aren’t always completely shut. Cats can slip into a doze while sitting up.
  • Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day, though this can increase to 20 with old age.
  • Kittens sleep around 18 hours a day. Also, a specific growth hormone is only released while they sleep, so sleeping it is!
  • Cats need this much sleep because of their hunting patterns. The tracking, chasing and killing of prey requires tremendous energy. Sleeping and dozing recharges them.
  • One-fourth of a cat’s sleep is spent in deep sleep. Cats close their eyes tightly in this state or cover their eyes with a paw or even their tail. Cats dream as well. We’ve all seen paws anxiously chasing something, whiskers twitching. We’ve even heard cats growl in their sleep, like mine.
  • Some cats even snore.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

Cats and Kittens Sleeping

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34 thoughts on “Cats and Kittens Sleeping

  1. So many AWWW!! moments. The kittens especially. Loved the picture of the mum with all her kittens snuggled.

  2. I miss my Callie. She was with me for 18 years. Shared a lot of ups and downs in that time. What a blessing pets are when they take ownership of us!

  3. I shelter elderly cats, and I have 12 at the moment. I also feed several feral colonies. I loved all the pictures. Everything in my house is cat. I have one really old female, who is like a boss mare. All the other cats seem to love to sleep with her.

    • Audrey,
      I’ll bet all your endeavors keep you full-to-the brim with love and contentment. I envy you all the cats you care for.

  4. I loved all the pictures. I have two cats, although one cat is actually a catdog and every time he does something quintessentially dog like it makes me smile( like hiding toys in the bathtub or carrying a toy around). I just love cats.

    • Jeanie, every time someone comes to the door, my cat growls. It is the funniest thing and so dog-like. One day, maybe he’ll bark as well, lol!

  5. Although I no longer choose to have a cat since mine past last winter, I very much enjoyed this post. I knew cats and kittens slept a lot, but now I know more about why. Thank you. I LOVE the kitty pile pic! The one with mom and babies all piled together sleeping. What a beautiful thing. Thank you.

  6. My tortie sleeps on my lap every time I sit down and when she is in deep sleep her head rolls off, It is funny, almost as funny as her second favorite place to lay whichis the cable box for the tv and her head rolls off of that too.

    • Patricia,
      Aren’t cats funny. I can just picture her head rolling off your lap or the cable box. I can recall a video of a cat who would fall asleep on top of a TV then always fall off. Maybe he loved the sudden adrenaline rush, lol!

  7. Where to begin when talking about my beautiful, intelligent, loving cat, Buffygirl?

    She just a tiny thing weighing in at under six pounds.
    Long, 2″ black silky fur with curly grey undertones on her belly.
    She could dust the house with her tail.
    Brilliant emerald green round eyes, and tiny ears.
    Her legs are only 4″ high so she’s very petite.
    I adopted her from a rescue group when she was two years old.
    She had been horribly abused.
    I can’t even repeat it here.
    Now she’s 16.

    I didn’t think she would ever let anyone near her again. The rescue group didn’t hold up much hope for her.
    One look at that little face (initially on PetSmart) and I instantly fell in love with her.

    For the first couple of weeks at my house neither my husband or I ever saw her. She would come out at night to eat and use the litter box. She’s strictly an indoor cat to this day.

    Then one evening as we were watching TV she very cautiously came into the living room.

    We were holding our breath, wondering what she would do.
    She looked up at me for a while lying on the couch, then jumped up and curled up beside me.

    Ever since that day she always has to be in the same room with me or within sight or attached to me in some way.

    For all the abuse she suffered she has turned into the most affectionate fur person I’ve ever known.

    Because of the abuse she has to be medicated for epilepsy 2x daily. The vet said it was from repeated blows to her little head.

    I offered the rescue group an obscene amount of money for the name of the abuser, but they said it was confidential. You might wonder why I offered and it’s probably what you think it is.

    Laws protecting animals are minimal at best and rarely ever fully enforced.
    People are afraid to speak up against abusers for fear of retaliation and that’s exactly what the abusers are counting on.
    Getting involved on a local level works.

    I would sign everybody up for the monthly “Buffygirl Newsletter’ but I do have a merciful streak.

    • Sandra,
      You must have wept when Buffygirl first curled up next to you. I would have. What a testament to kindness.

      Um, it probably was best you never learned the abuser’s name. You probably wouldn’t be on my blog today and Buffygirl wouldn’t get to curl up on your lap!

  8. Cats are so intriguing. I love the. Photo of your cat. Its little teeth remind me of a little vampire cat!!!!! Lol. All the cats and kittens are adorable

  9. Love cats! Currently have 5 ages 19, 12, and three 5yr olds who we still call kittens! We once had a cat that snored extremely loudly and yipped in his sleep. Love the phote of the kitten pile. When my three little once were under a year I have a lot of pics of them sleeping in kitten piles! We have one cat that drools when he sleeps, another that sleeps with his eyes partially open and rolled up in his sockets, and both of the girls frequently sleep with their tounges sticking out!

  10. I love all of the photos! So cute! My cat picks a new place to sleep every month or so, her sleep place was in the kitchen on the rug, but as of yesterday she now sleeps in the bathroom on the bath mat. She likes to change it up. I have a picture just like your first picture of my other cat who passed a couple years ago with her little fangs showing and her head upside down, it’s still my favorite kitty picture; I have it as my phone wallpaper. Kitties are just too adorable!

    • Shannon,
      My cat likes to sleep half on the tile, half on the carpet. The tile is in the laundry room and the carpet is in the hall. What does this mean? Why half-and-half? Cool tile for part of his body and the comfort of the carpet for his head? Maybe. Why does your cat need different sleeping places. Cats are a mystery…

  11. Aww, they are all great but #3 is my favorite, mama & her babies. I don’t have a cat now but have had quite a few. It’s funny all the different positions they can get into. My one cat, Grey, used to sleep around the top of my head at night. Another one, Tiger, used to sleep around my neck-great for the winter but not in the summer, especially in Arizona! Right now I just have my 13yr old dog, Teddy.

  12. Not to worry Caris. It would have been legal. I just wanted retribution for such cruelty. And I would have spent a lot of money to get it.
    Animals depend on us to be their voices and protectors.

  13. I’m a huge cat lover!! I have had many kids over the years and every one takes a piece of my heart when they go to the bridge. I have one daughter and her name is Maya. She has me and my mate wrapped around her paws big time!! Everything is all about her. She is very spoiled so much s that she has two cats pans, drinks only bottled water (we drink the tap water) and has soft food for breakfast than crunchies after she eats that. All in different glass containers. Yeah, it’s all about Ms. Spoiled Pants. 🙂 When we go on a vacation we have a pet nanny come in to watch her. This pet nanny is bonded, certified in pet first aid and is the best around. Only the best for our daughter. Thank you for this chance and good luck to all here.

  14. I don’t have a cat nor any pet presently. My allergies have worsened as I’ve aged, and now I have asthma, too.

    Growing up, we had a Siamese for a short period of time, I was really young and don’t remember it’s name; a Manx with the coloration of an orange tabby, it’s name was Ferguson, Fergie for short; and an orange tabby named Tom (stray which adopted us). Both Fergie and Tom ended up with my grandma in Tennessee.


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