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Dear Reader,

I’d love for you to be part of my Street Team, the infamous Caris’s Ascenders!

As a member of my Street Team, here’s what you can expect:

– My undying gratitude and dozens of virtual hugs!

– Early access to arcs for review

– Weekly missions posted on the Facebook group called Caris’s Ascenders

– Chances to win weekly street team giveaways, also posted on Facebook

– All my latest news

And as a member of my Street Team, you will be asked to:

– Spread the word about my books in a way that makes you comfortable

– Take part in the missions on Facebook

As a Street Team member, these are the things you can do to help promote my work:

– Tell everyone you know about why you love my books

– Buy my books during the critical release week, to boost numbers on all industry rankings and lists

– If you go to a bookstore, and don’t find my books, ask if the bookseller will please order a copy or two

– Ask me for promo materials, which I will send upon request, to leave at libraries, bookstores, etc.

To join, just fill in the form by clicking on the link!


THEN head to Facebook and ask to join Caris’s Ascenders! 

Facebook Link:  CLICK HERE!!!

 And here is the first of many virtual hugs!

Caris Roane

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


20 thoughts on “Street Team

  1. Hello Caris, I wanted to tell you I am a huge fan. I’ve been following the series since Ascension and they are awesome! I hate having to wait for the next book to be released. I’m so glad you’ve started writing novellas in between. Keep them coming. I’m also enjoying The Blood Rose Series. I’m looking forward to the book 2. Sincerely, Monique

    • April, love to have you! Welcome aboard! Please message me on Facebook so I can invite you to my Street Team Group “Caris’s Ascenders”!! In the meantime, I’ll set you up on my global email so that you’ll receive emails from me about Street Team happenings!


  2. Hi Caris
    We’ve not chatted for a while but am here for you if you need any assistance. Your cards were very popular with friends who I introduced your books too. So if you would like myself and Kelly Wooden who is also a part of the team please count us in to assist in any way possible.


  3. Hi Caris
    I would love to be apart of your Street Team. After I read your books and before they come out I talk about your books on FB and to my firends. When you sign up it ask you for your address, my question is can you change the address once you put it in. I ask this because we’ll be moving to Hawaii soon, or should I wait til I move to join if I can? Thank you for what you do and I love your books!

  4. I found your first book at my B&N when I was desperately looking for a great paranormal romance. I picked up Ascension read the synopsis and first page of Chapter one and was hooked. Went home started reading and didn’t stop until I’d finished. Emailed my Mom and Sister telling them about the book and how fantastic it was. The only downside of the first book was having to wait almost a year for the next. Love, love your books Caris! The characters are so alive to me. Thanks for sharing your awesome stories about the Warriors! BUT WAIT, I have to Thank You so much for Endelle!!!!! Love her!!

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