Sometimes, when I’m surfing for photos, I find a pic that stops me. When that happens, I know it has triggered something within and I need to explore it.

This past week, I found a photo of a camel and all kinds of desert-like things began to flow through my mind. One aspect of camels intrigues me the most: They were used for transportation.

CamelsThe image of a caravan of camels is one of the oldest images in the world and conjures up all kinds of things. In one of my favorite movies, The English Patient, our hero suffers terrible burns from a plane crash and is cared for by a caravan of Bedouin.

When I’m putting a paranormal world together, one of the first things I have to figure out is how my people move around. In the Guardians of Ascension — a multi-dimensional world — the winged vampires of Second Earth could ‘fold’ as in dematerialize. They could also levitate. And of course, they could fly using their wings. In the Blood Rose Series, levitation became paramount. But in both series, my characters loved their motorcycles and cars as well. What I haven’t done in a series, is to utilize an animal, like a dragon, as a form of transportation. I might have to do that next.

Camels have been used as pack animals for a very long time. The oldest reference I came across was from 2500 – 3000 BC, the former in Asia and the latter in Somalia and southern Arabia.

Camels are amazing animals and have been used in many cultures as a food source for a highly nutritious milk as well as for meat. Camel hair has been used for tents, clothing, bedding and accessories. Think camel hair coats.

FunFacts about Camels. You might have to read the source to believe some of these stats!

  • Camels live between 40 to 50 years and have gentle dispositions.
  • Camels can run up to 40 mph in short bursts and up to 25 mph for longer distances.
  • The humps contain fatty tissue. They do not hold water.
  • Camels are amazingly suited for extremes of temperature. One example: when a camel exhales, moisture from its breath gets trapped in its nostrils and is reabsorbed.
  • A camel can drink 53 gallons of water in 3 minutes.
  • The camel’s long legs create a cooling distance between its body and the hot desert earth.
  • Camel’s mouths have a thick, leathery lining so that they can chew thorny desert plants.
  • There are three types of camels.
    • Dromedary: One hump, inhabits Middle East and Horn of Africa
    • Bactrian: Two humps, inhabits Central Asia
    • Wild Bactrian: Two humps, inhabits northwest China and Mongolia, and is critically endangered

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Camels Camels Camels Camels Camels Camels Camels

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***This week’s giveaway is closed! The winner: Nancy S.*** 

July Winners: Nancy S., Betty O., Shannon C. and Pansy P.

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32 thoughts on “Camels

  1. Loved this thank you.

    We have camels running wild in outback Australia. Arab traders brought them to Australia long, long, long ago. Ideal for the dry, ‘sandy’ interior. A few escaped or were released and over time the populations grew.

    Camels are clever too. If they want to go from one side of a fence to the other they just lean on the fence until it gives way. They wear it down, literally. Very patient.

    • Lol. I could never do it. I like to be comfortable. Nothing about riding on a camel or traveling in a caravan speaks of comfort…

  2. I was so interested I did a little research of my own. This is what I found: When there is little food and water, the camel’s hump fat releases water; 9.3 grams of fat releases 1.13 grams of water, according to research by the University of Singapore. Camels can survive up to six months without food or water.

  3. The camel is an interesting creature invoking all manner of flights of fancy. I first became acquainted with them in an old western movie I seen many, many, many years ago. I have long since forgotten the name of the movie, but it was about a camel, or maybe more, being gifted to someone here in the old west and the struggle to figure what to do with it/them. It was fun and entertaining and I found the camel fascinating. And of course there are the old Shriek novels that I loved in my early adulthood. I guess I have always thought of the camel as a romantic kind of animal.So majestic, and a bit mysterious.

  4. The only things I knew about camels before this post, was that the hump didn’t hold water and they can spit.
    I love how you gather the pertinent facts on all the subjects and post them for us to enjoy.

    Educational and enjoyable. That’s a great combo. As a writer you will have one of the most informed fan bases. 🙂

    • Sandra,
      I have a lot of natural curiosity and find so many things interesting and even fascinating. Yup, like the camel. I also know that as I’m digging for facts, my imagination starts churning. Eventually, all this information will make it into my books in one form or another. Maybe a dragon caravan…I kind of like that idea.

  5. There was a farm near me in high school that had a couple of camels. I remember seeing them out in the field. I also remember being up close to some when a small circus came to town. We won tickets and were able to see the camels before the show. The radio personalities were going to “race” them–I don’t think it was supposed to be a real race.

    I also remember reading a book in elementary school–might have been one I received through a book club–Camel Caravan. I looked it up and it’s still in print. Might have to check the basement and see if I still own it.

    You tend to make me remember long lost memories, Caris!

  6. I must agree that camels are amazing animals. I’ve actually ridden one before and I gotta say that I much prefer using a horse for transportation!

    • Tamara, that is so cool you’ve ridden a camel! But I can’t imagine it would have been very comfortable by any means. And they are so tall. It must have been like sitting on top of a moving hill!

  7. I have never ridden one, although I have petted one when I was in first grade. A rich class mate had a birthday party and her parents convinced the school to let us have a field trip to her house since it was on a farm and we were studying animals. They had horse rides and a petting zoo and a camel was there. My favorite movie with a camel is probably The Mummy. The scene where they are trading for camels and then the camel race are some of the first scenes where Brendan Fraser really gave Rachel Weisz some seriously appreciative looks and are some of my favorites.

    • Marie, they have the sweetest faces! And yes, they do look like they’re smiling all the time. Maybe they are!

  8. Wow, that’s just a lot of great info on camels. I’ve never ridden on one and sure I do-I don’t think it would be to comfortable. I love their eyes – they have such an innocent look about them. Like picture #3 because you get a good look at his face and eyes!

  9. I actually was blessed with the chance to ride a camel at a fair. I admit I felt sorry for the thing…even as a child. Always having to have us annoying children on his back, but really was a gentle giant. It was amazing sitting way up high on his back in a wobbly saddle. I was probably around 8 years old. It is one of my fondest memory from my childhood. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was young, but my mom always indulged me and always said you only live once and she would say she loved to see me smile! Riding a camel with the fair noises in the background and the most wonderful smells all around me (minus the camel poop smell lol). Thanks for bringing hat sweet memory back!

    • Melanie,
      Except for the mating season, they have the gentlest natures. Happy to have brought the memory back and thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed it a lot. Felt like I was there…

      And your mother rocks!

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