As a megacity, Cairo is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In 2017, it grew by a half-million people alone. By July 2016, Greater Cairo, which includes Cairo, Giza and Qalyubiya, had a combined population of approximately 22.9 million people. As can be imagined, a city with this kind of size and growth has its share of troubles especially in the areas of traffic congestion and pollution. Worldwide, there are 47 such megacities. But the name, Cairo, as representative of Egypt, will always mean something magical in the Middle East: A ‘cradle of civilization’, a culture of pyramids, and a land of higher learning that has been thriving for five thousand years.

For a kick, take a look at this 1-minute video. Rick Steves is in the heart of Cairo, traveling the streets in a local conveyance and doesn’t know where he is. But it’s a great look at the flavor of the city. This 10-minute video showcases Cairo as a megacity and the problems it’s facing as it continues to grow. This 3-minute video hits just a few highlights of Cairo.

FunFacts about Cairo: (Source) (Source)  

  • Basic Information, quote: Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The city’s metropolitan area is one of the largest in Africa, the largest in the Middle East and the Arab world, and the 15th-largest in the world, and is associated with ancient Egypt, as the famous Giza pyramid complex and the ancient city of Memphis are located in its geographical area. Located near the Nile Delta, modern Cairo was founded in 969 CE by the Fatimid dynasty. (Source)
  • Cairo is located about 165 km or 100 miles from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The population of Cairo is about 9 million with another 9 ½ million living in close proximity to the city.
  • The city’s most famous landmark is the Pyramid of Giza built about 4500 years ago. Approximately 2 million massive stone blocks were used to build the pyramid.
  • Cairo boasts the oldest university in the world, the Al-Azhar University, founded in 970 AD.
  • Cairo has heavy traffic with 4 ½ million cars on the streets. Traffic jams are common.
  • Cairo’s metro system serves 1 billion passengers annually. Though it was originally built to relieve Cairo of its transportation problems, it ended up encouraging more people to move into the city.
  • Cairo is located in northern Egypt which is also known as ‘lower Egypt’.
  • Cairo is 120 km (75 miles) west of the Suez Canal.
  • Cairo is located at the point that the Nile River begins to branch into the massive Nile Delta. The Delta is one of the largest in the world and covers 240 km (150 miles) of Mediterranean coastline.
  • Cairo has a hot desert climate with the daytime summer temps averaging in the mid-nineties (F) or 35 C.
  • Most Cairo residents are Sunni Muslim.

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29 thoughts on “Cairo

  1. I’ve never gone to Egypt, but it would be amazing to see the pyramids one day. The first time I saw a “zoomed out” picture of the pyramids, I was surprised that the busy city was so close! Most pictures only show the pyramids with the vast sand backdrop, but the opposite view shows the city.

  2. I have always been fascinated by the pyramids. Cairo seems like a fascinating place but my be s little crowded for me. Love the info and photos.

  3. Would love to see the pyramids in person but am too nervous about my own safety to actually go there. Loved the video and the pictures though.

  4. I would like to go to Egypt. The bazaar looks interesting. The fruit looks really good. I rode a camel once and hated it. It was uncomfortable, their backs are really wide and hard. Would like to see the Pyramids and the sphinx.

  5. Enjoyed all the pictures and I have always been fascinated by Egypt. Always wanted to see the Pyramids. So much history!! AZ

  6. The history alone would make it worthwhile to visit. Too many people for my comfort zone to actually go there. In this instance, I would rather be an armchair traveler. Plus, too hot.

  7. I love the beautiful pyramids and the architecture of old. The number of people would freak me out. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge in such an inspirational way Caris!

    Drea – South-central Arizona

  8. Never beenand never will go. I hate the heat and would not do well there. I love the photo of the camels with the ruins. NE Ohio

  9. I am wondering what drives people to go there whether it’s for a visit or a permanent move. It seems to be too much to deal with for me though I have to say that if I could wander around with no one seeing me and not have to worry about being lost I’d gladly do it.

  10. Would like to see the pyramids and the sphinx in person but it would probably be too hot for me.

    Alberta, Canada

  11. There are so many +’s and -‘s that I can’t decide if I would want to visit. Good thing I don’t have any $$, so it’s not really a problem. LOL

  12. So Sorry for leaving my reply on Becky’s post. My 2 yr old granddaughter was in here and I didn’t notice I was still on her post when I said hi to her. Sorry Becky☺☺

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