Blood by Moonlight

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2Hi, Everyone!  Here’s a fun Halloween collection of three stories from three different paranormal authors: Jocelyn Drake, Terry Garey, and me! The collection is called BLOOD BY MOONLIGHT.

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Tempers flare and passions rise in Jocelynn Drake’s Of Monsters and Men as the local werewolf pack clashes with the Winter Court’s Wild Hunt . . .

In Terri Garey’s The Ghoul Next Door, a witch and a warlock battle over possession of a haunted house, yet learn they must join forces to combat an even greater evil . . .

And, in Trick or Treathen by Caris Roane, a master vampire struggles to stay away from the mortal woman who enflames his very soul.


Blood by Moonlight

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One thought on “Blood by Moonlight

  1. Love the Guardian series. I am not looking for the Vampire series. Keep writing its the only thing keeping me sane taking care of my parents. I had to retire to do so. Bless you for taking me away at least for a little while from this stress. Can you keep me abreast of all your new releases. Thank you Nilda

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