One of my memories of beets is of my mother pickling the ones she grew in her vegetable garden. She and my dad especially enjoyed these beets on salads, with a blue cheese dressing, for years.

I enjoy beets as well, though I don’t have them as often as I’d like since they take a bit of work to prepare and my time is very limited these days. One day, however, I’d like to have a full-blown vegetable garden like my mom. But I have an awful lot of things on my priority list before that will happen. However, after doing a little bit of research on beets, I’m even more motivated to make an effort either cooking or perhaps carving out an area in my flower garden just for growing them.

FunFacts about Beets (Source) (Source)

  • Beets were eaten in Roman times as an aphrodisiac. There might be some justification for this claim since beets contain high amounts of Boron which is related to the production of sex hormones in humans.
  • Beets are native to the Mediterranean region.
  • Want to adjust your mood? Beets contain betaine which relaxes the mind and tryptophan which provides a sense of well-being.
  • A bit of folklore: If a man and woman eat from the same beet they will fall in love.
  • Beets were said to have been grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Beet juice has been used as a natural red dye. England’s Victorians supposedly dyed their hair red with beet juice.
  • Beets can be made into a wine similar to port.
  • In Australia, burgers must have a slice or two of beets on them, even at McDonalds.
  • “An average sized cup of sliced beets contains only 31 calories, 1.5 grams of dietary fiber, and 1.5 grams of protein.” (Source)
  • Beet roots are packed with sugar and are the second most important source of table sugar after sugar cane.
  • Borscht is a traditional beet soup from Ukraine. “It is said there are as many recipes for borscht as there are villages throughout Eastern Europe.” (Source)

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Closed ***

We have a winner! Congrats Marie S.!

First October Winner: Karen M.

September Winners: Tamara K., Malissa P., Denise H. and Betty O.! Congrats!

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24 thoughts on “Beets

  1. I really love beets. I enjoy them any way, from pickling them with hard-cooked eggs, to roasting them with just salt and pepper. They are one of my go-to vegetables to have with steaks. I love the picture of the basket with all the fresh vegetables.

  2. I love beets cold, especially in salads, though I must confess to using the canned variety. I’ll have to pick up some fresh ones the next time I’m at the supermarket. (East Elmhurst, NYC, US)

  3. We eat canned beetroot too. I love the slices on sandwiches with meat and greens.

    My father grew some one year and my mother pickled them up, but we all agreed the tinned variety was a lot tastier. What you are used to I suppose.

  4. Growing up, I never enjoyed them but as an adult, I have come to enjoy pickled beets, especially on salads. They are such a beautiful color too!

  5. Ah yes! Beets. Being a farmers daughter, beets did make an appearance in the garden. Mom pickled them. Hmmmm! So good. I kind of miss them.

    However, I grew up to be a city girl. I don’t have a garden and do not can. Maybe I need to find someone who does. I prefer my beets pickles. Cooked in other ways is okay, but nothing beats pickled beets. 😀

    Look at that color. So vibrant! Enough to perk up any meal. I think I need to find some beets. Thank you.

  6. My grandfather grew beets every year. He taught me how to grow them and how to cook them. I love beets, even in a can from the grocery store, but I still can’t eat them pickled.

    Once again I learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    I live in Minnesota.

  7. I too have memories of my mom in the garden. She loves beets and I actually plant some in my garden just for her. I personally don’t like them. I also have a vivid memory of being a kid and them staining my hands and using them to finger paint.

  8. I don’t think i ever ate beets. I wouldn’t know how to cook them. Maybe i should eat them if they help relax though!

  9. What beautiful pictures you’ve given us to look at. Unfortunately, beets always seem to taste like dirt to me. Not one of my favorite things! When we were younger, my mom always made us eat beets with liver and onions and mashed potatoes. My oldest brother hates for his food to touch, so it was funny to watch him try to keep the beet juice away from the rest of his food!

  10. I haven’t grown beets.
    But, I buy them fresh, toss with olive oil, salt & pepper, then roast them separately, otherwise they bleed into the other veggies.
    The other pan holds cubes of butternut squash and tiny brussel sprouts. Yummy.
    Compliments anything else you cook for the main course, e.g., chicken, beef, fish.
    The red color adds a visual pop to the plate.

    I prefer roasted veggies over boiling the goodness out of them, or microwaving.
    Roasting brings out the maximum flavor.

  11. I absolutely love beets and its greens, I can eat them prepared any way. Sometimes I enjoy them out of the can but mostly prefer them roasted.

  12. I do like beets. I like them fresh in salad, with spicy food and etc. I have not grown them, but have been thinking about giving it a go. I think I liked the second from the bottom picture the most. Garden fresh pictures are always tops in book 🙂

  13. Sorry, can’t stand beets anyway prepared. Taste like dirt to me. Everyone taste buds are different. My mom loves them pickled. I like the last picture reminds me of a varied redtones rainbow.

  14. I like picture #12 the best, the vibrant color of beets!! I’ve never grown them but have eaten them and I do like them. I like putting the pickled ones in salad.

  15. On my previous post about roasting beets and other veggies, I meant to add that no matter the veggie I also add roughly chopped pecans a/o walnuts and a bit of rosemary .
    Makes all the difference.

    • Sandra,
      Thanks for the add-on to your comment. Ooooo, I’ll have to try that…pecans and rosemary. Yum.

      Caris from Buckeye Arizona USA

  16. I detest beets. They will never enter my home. They react with my tongue in a way that I feel like I’m desiccated – yuck! The only other person I know who has this reaction is my uncle. So I don’t any photo ;). I’m in NE Ohio.

  17. My parents and siblings like beets but I never took to them for some reason. I guess I’m the odd ball in the family. The pictures are nice. I could be wrong but I think that people have used them to color clothing too.

  18. Hi, Everyone!
    Thanks for sharing about beets! I always wonder if we’ll find common ground with one of my topics, so it was great to read all your comments, experiences, likes, loves and detests! We’re all different, which is an awfully good thing!

    And yes, I did get hungry for beets when I did my research then later when I read the comments about how those of you who love beets enjoyed preparing and serving them.

    Hugs all around!

  19. I like beets. Roasted in the oven is great, but I’ll eat them from a can, too. And using them to make pickled beet eggs is another way I like them–not just soaking the hard boiled eggs in the pickle juice to make them pink, but the actual pickling of them. It’s a Pennsylvania-German tradition.


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