Australia Blue Mountains

Australia Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are located not far from the Sydney metro area. In fact, they’re only about 31 miles away. So, if you’re planning a trip to Sidney, be sure to set aside some time to visit these beautiful mountains. They are perhaps best known for the Three Sisters, a line of monoliths that you’ll find in several of the photos below. The names of the sisters are Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo.

Here’s an exquisite 4-minute video of Australia’s Blue Mountains. This is an awesome 3-minute video featuring some footage of Sydney and some of the Blue Mountains. Here’s a 4-minute video that shows what it’s like to take a touristy trip through the Blue Mountains.

FunFacts about Australia Blue Mountains: (Source

  • Basic Information, quote: The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region and a mountain range located in New South Wales, Australia. The region borders on Sydney’s metropolitan area, its foothills starting about 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of centre of the state capital. The public’s understanding of the extent of the Blue Mountains is varied, as it forms only part of an extensive mountainous area associated with the Great Dividing Range. Officially the Blue Mountains region is bounded by the Nepean and Hawkesbury rivers in the east, the Coxs River and Lake Burragorang to the west and south, and the Wolgan and Colo rivers to the north. Geologically, it is situated in the central parts of the Sydney Basin. (Source)
  • The main towns situated in the Blue Mountains are Katoomba, Blackheath, Mount Victoria, and Springwood.
  • The Blue Mountain Range contains both the Explorer Range and the Bell Range.
  • The Gundungurra people, Australian aborigines, have inhabited the Blue Mountains for millennia. The Darug people have inhabited the lower Blue Mountains.
  • First sighting and naming of the Blue Mountains, quote: Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South Wales, first glimpsed the extent of the Blue Mountains from a ridge at the site of today’s Oakhill College, Castle Hill. He named them the Carmarthen Hills, “some forty to sixty miles distant…” and he reckoned that the ground was “most suitable for government stock”. This is the location where Gidley King in 1799 established a prison town for political prisoners from Ireland and Scotland. The first documented use of the name Blue Mountains appears in Captain John Hunter’s account of Phillip’s 1789 expedition up the Hawkesbury River. (Source)
  • The dominant vegetation in the higher parts of the Blue Mountains is eucalyptus forest.
  • Rainforests are often found in sheltered gorges.
  • The tallest peak is an unnamed peak of 1,189 m or 3,901 ft.
  • The Blue Mountains is described as a ‘dissected plateau’ in ‘sandstone bedrock’.
  • The Greater Blue Mountains Area is a world heritage site.
  • The Blue Mountains is inhabited by over 400 species of animals including the koala bear and grey kangaroos. Dingos also live in the area and hunt the kangaroos.
  • There are many tourist attractions like the Katoomba Scenic Railway, the Jenolan Caves, the Giant Stairway and the Three Sisters. The latter are three prominent monoliths featured in several photos below.
  • The Blue Mountains are popular with hikers, mountain bikers and rock climbers.

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    • Mary,
      You were soooo fortunate! Wish Australia wasn’t quite so far away from Arizona, lol!

      Thanks for sharing!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  1. The Blue Mountains are so picturesque! I’m not one for any type of hiking but it’d be fun to see some of the 400 species of animals that inhabit the area.

  2. What a beautiful looking place. These mountains are just another reason I want to visit Australia. I’ve been to both North and South America, Europe and lots of the islands in the Caribbean thanks to my husband who was a corporate pilot. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to accompany him occasionally but unfortunately Australia was never on his flight plan. Damnit!!!

  3. Beautiful place. I loved the pic with the waterfall and ferns. It gives you a sense of distance and space like they took the area around you and stretched it out. Really Cool.

  4. Beautiful. If I could still get around good I wold love to visit/explore The Blue Mountains. I have always loved the mountains and water falls. Enjoyed the videos and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • Theresa,
      That gets me every time, too! I always feel a sudden and overwhelming connection to our past, that we’ve been on earth a good long while!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  5. I am from Virginia. The pictures are breathtaking. I love the one with the waterfall. Have never been to Australia but looks beautiful I would love to visit. Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful bracelets.

  6. They are beautiful.
    They remind me of the Smokies.

    The Blue Ridge mountains aren’t too far from me. They also look like these in Australia.

    Definitely a place I would love to visit.

  7. Wonderful pictures, especially the waterfall and the handprints. Just thinking about how long ago those handprints must have been made blows me away!

  8. Love the picture with the tree in the foreground.

    I’ve never been there, but a friend was there recently, and she shared some wonderful photos online.

    denise from maryland

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